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1 Presented by April Coleman
Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction for Gifted & High Ability Learners Presented by April Coleman

2 Did you know? Video What does this mean for students?
What does this mean for teachers? What does this mean for our future?

3 “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” - John Dewey
“There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.” Nancy Kassenbaum, U. S. Sentaor “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” - Bill Gates

4 Characteristics of Gifted Students That Fit Well With Technology Instruction
Creativity Higher order thinking Speed in processing information Prefers independent work Interest in “adult” issues and problems Risk-taking/adventurous behavior “Big picture” thinking Resistance to closure Leadership skills Verbal ability

5 How Technology Can Be Used to Differentiate Instruction:
Present academic topics in new, challenging ways Explore interests Teach process skills Differentiation tool Product development

6 What is Differentiation?
Teachers can differentiate Content Process Product According to a student’s Readiness Interests Learning Style (Tomlinson, 1999)

7 Technology Tools to Differentiate Content

8 Webquests WebQuest - a learning activity during which learners read, analyze, and synthesize information using the World Wide Web. (Wikipedia) Can be done independently or in small groups, where each student is given a job Examples: Ancient Architecture Webquest Art Safari Webquest

9 Webquest Resources

10 Online Databases & Content Resources
Thinkfinity (Verizon) High quality search engine for lesson plans, interactives, and more! Blue Web’n (AT&T) High quality search engine for lesson plans, webquests, and more! Discovery Education Search for lessons and activities Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators Educational games and brain teasers ALEX – lessons, websites, podcasts, & more!

11 Online Databases & Content Resources Continued...
Teach-nology Search for thematic units, lessons, and activities Webquests and cyber-starters (worksheet prompts) A Different Place Ready-made differentiated activities for gifted kids Great for use in the regular classroom Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page A plethora of resources for gifted teachers, parents, and students Activities for students, such as “Brain Boosters”

12 Organizing Websites: Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking – saving links on a web-based program, in order to access them from any Internet-linked computer Lists can be made public (accessible to anyone) or private (accessible to specified users) An example using

13 Online Video Resources
Teacher Tube Great educational videos on many topics Created by teachers and students United Streaming Offers a 30-day free trial Alabama schools have a site license through APT Plus

14 Content Software Renzulli Learning Systems
Web-based software that develops a Learning Profile for each student, then leads them to high quality activities individualized to meet their abilities and interests Offers a free trial $40/student with a minimum of 100 students Tom Snyder Productions (Scholastic) Excellent software resources across educational topics Reasonable prices for individual CDs or site licenses

15 Content Software Continued…
KidPix Deluxe Enhanced student “paint” and drawing program $19.99 per CD-ROM TuxPaint is a similar FREE program! Google Earth Take students on virtual tours of the world! Excellent FREE interdisciplinary tool

16 Virtual Field Trips Take students around the world without ever leaving the classroom! Museums Geographic Regions National Parks Historic Sites & Landmarks Example: Virtual Agriculture Field Trips Find other Virtual Field Trips Google LitTrips

17 Technology Tools to Differentiate Process: Teaching Process Skills, Communication, & Collaboration

18 Google Communication & Collaboration Tools
Google Docs – file creation, collaboration, and sharing Google Groups – communication through threaded discussions, file sharing, and information posting Google Calendar – scheduling and sharing capabilities Google Sites – website template/application Google Blogger – blog template/application

19 Create a Google Account
Go to Click “Sign In” (top right corner). Click on “Create an Account Now (below sign-in box). Type your address. Choose a password. Select your location. Word verification Agree to terms of service. Now, go to your to confirm your account.

20 Productive Thinking & Mind-Mapping
Ideas for use: Productive Thinking Talent (brainstorming ideas) Pre-writing Creating a web of ideas VUE Mindmap Example Download VUE: Free download from VUE website

21 Other Mind-Mapping Software
Microsoft PowerPoint Insert tab SmartArt icon Open Source Software MindMeister FreeMind XMIND Science in Action Learning Teachers Workshops & Conferences Professional Learning Communities Students Classroom

22 Survey Creation Students can create surveys to…
Conduct research Gather public opinions Use Forecasting Talent Use Communication Talent Free Web-Based Survey Creator: Survey Monkey

23 Wordle Design tool used to create “word clouds”
Great integration with Communication Talent #1 – many, varied single words to describe something Link to Wordle site

24 Technology Tools to Differentiate Products

25 Technology Tools for Communication & Product Development
Purchased Software Web 2.0 Tools Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Publisher Blogs Wikis PhotoStory 3 Video/Audio Editing Survey Creation Wordle Social Networking ePals

26 Microsoft Word Products
Product Ideas: Book or e-book Newsletter/Newspaper Brochure Award Bulleted list Letter/Card/Postcard Calendar Board or card game Utilize design features to enhance creativity of documents Example of a student-created Greek mythology newspaper


28 Microsoft Publisher Excellent tool for creating visual publications using ready-made templates More design features than MS Word Product Ideas: Newsletter/Newspaper Brochure Advertisement Business card Invitation Menu Greeting card Website Origami templates Brochure Example Newsletter Example Example of a website created by a gifted resource teacher:

29 Example of a Student-Created Brochure
Created Using Microsoft Publisher

30 Newsletter Created Using Publisher

31 Microsoft Excel Perform mathematical operations
Analyze scientific data Create charts and graphs Student-created pie chart for trash analysis

32 What Can We Reuse or Recycle?

33 Microsoft PowerPoint Create visual presentations
Integrate creative features: design schemes, hyperlinks, clip art, photos, and transitions Excellent product choice for group work Examples: 3rd Grade Student Group PowerPoint on Pollution 3rd Grade Students’ Recycling Project Plan

34 PhotoStory 3 FREE tool from Microsoft that allows students and teachers to create photo slideshows with music and text Similar to PowerPoint Very easy to use Link to Download

35 Educational Blogs Ideas for teacher use: Ideas for student use:
Networking and personal knowledge sharing Instructional tips for students Assignments and homework posting Annotated links Ideas for student use: Reflective or writing journals Assignment submission and review Dialogue for group work E-portfolios Excellent resource on blogs in education:

36 Educational Blogs Continued…
Free blog sites: Blogger (Google) Edublogs Wordpress Tumblr Examples of educational blogs: My 4th Graders’ Blog Tumblr Example

37 Wikis “Wiki” – Hawaiian for “quick”
A wiki is a type of FREE website that is built easily and quickly. Free wiki sites: Wiki Created by 3rd Graders:

38 Digital Photography Digital photography can be taught as an art-related unit. Digital photos can add interest to a variety of technology presentations. Picasa (Google) is a FREE editing software: Features editing tools Online photo album feature Integrated with Blogger Basic photo editing features

39 Videos Students can create short videos on curricular topics.
Materials needed: inexpensive video camera, computer, free video editing software. Recommended video camera for school usage: Pure Digital Flip Video Download by plugging camera directly into USB port Free video website - Animoto Video Editing Software: Microsoft MovieMaker Mac iMovie

40 Podcasts An audio file created by someone on a specific topic
Materials needed: Computer microphone or digital recorder Free editing software Audacity Great online EdTech: Focus on K-12 article on podcasting with how-to directions:

41 Social Networking Social networks allow people to communicate about similar interests and share information. Popular Social Networks: Facebook Twitter Ning (private) List of Social Networks in Education

42 ePals The Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms
Uses: Connect with national and international students View projects at other schools Collaborate on projects ePals Website

43 Start small, but start somewhere!
What Next?! Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? With technology and differentiation, the best advice I have heard is… Start small, but start somewhere!

44 Helpful Tips for Integrating Technology:
Don’t reinvent the wheel! Utilize resources that have already been created. Get organized! Start an online bookmark list in order to access favorite websites and add bookmarks from multiple computers. Try Don’t feel that you have to be an expert before you can try a new technology tool with your students. Learn with and from your students as you try new things together. Break down tasks into steps. Utilize how-to websites, lists, and directions when teaching students.

45 Top 3! Think about… ONE new thing you learned today…
ONE technology tool you want to further research… And ONE new way you plan to integrate technology with your students this year. Good luck! 

46 Contact me for more information!
Me: Download this Presentation: Go to Download using Box application

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