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Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project Public Scoping Meetings November 5, 2014 (Sacramento and Red Bluff) State Water Resources Control Board Division of.

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1 Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project Public Scoping Meetings November 5, 2014 (Sacramento and Red Bluff) State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights Presented by: Michelle Lobo 1

2 State Water Board Presentation Outline Background – State Water Board’s Mission – State Water Board’s Role Regarding the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) – Water Quality Certification CEQA Process Public Input Types of CEQA Documents Environmental Resources Next Steps and What to Expect 2

3 State Water Board’s Mission To preserve, enhance, and restore the quality of California’s water resources, and ensure their proper allocation and efficient use for the benefit of present and future generations. 3

4 State Water Board: Background Authority over water rights and water quality to provide protection of California’s waters Protect and enforce many water uses including the needs of industry, agriculture, municipal districts, and the environment Balance between the various beneficial uses of water 4

5 Why is the State Water Board involved? Rugraw, LLC submitted an application for water quality certification on May 20, 2014 State Water Board regulates hydroelectric projects via issuance of water quality certifications (Section 401 of Clean Water Act) – Protect water quality – Balance beneficial uses – Consider existing water rights 5

6 CEQA State Water Board is making a discretionary decision with water quality certification As Rugraw, LLC is not a public agency, State Water Board is lead agency for CEQA – Decides type of CEQA document – Decides level of detail – Represents State Water Board’s independent judgment 6

7 Water Quality Certification State Water Board will use CEQA document to develop an assessment of the project CEQA document will be used to support the action taken for the water quality certification, if issued, including any conditions in the certification 7

8 Water Quality Certification If a water quality certification is issued, conditions in it become a mandatory part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license Nothing in water quality certification can preempt Federal law, it is additive to any conditions FERC places on the project 8

9 Development of CEQA Document State Water Board is seeking comments: – Type of CEQA document that should be prepared – Impacts that should be analyzed – Project alternatives 9

10 CEQA Objectives* Disclose to decision makers and the public the significant environmental effects of proposed activities Identify ways to avoid or reduce environmental damage Prevent environmental damage by requiring implementation of feasible alternatives or mitigation measures 10 *From the CEQA Deskbook, 3 rd Ed., Bass, Bogdan, Rivasplata

11 CEQA Objectives Disclose to the public reasons for agency approval of projects with significant environmental effects Foster interagency coordination in the review of projects Enhance public participation in the planning process 11

12 Order of CEQA Events Collect Comments (Verbal and Written) Determine the Type of CEQA Document Issue Draft CEQA Document for Public Comment Issue Final CEQA Document 12

13 Public Input The CEQA document will have a public review and comment period The State Water Board plans on releasing a draft water quality certification at the same time as the draft CEQA document 13

14 Types of CEQA Documents Exemptions Negative Declaration Mitigated Negative Declaration Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – This meeting will serve as the CEQA scoping meeting if State Water Board determines an EIR is needed – Describe significant effects that may occur 14

15 Environmental Resources  Aesthetics  Land Use/Planning  Agriculture and Forest Resources  Mineral Resources  Air Quality  Noise  Biological Resources  Population/Housing  Cultural Resources  Public Services  Geology/Soils  Recreation  Greenhouse Gas Emissions  Transportation and Traffic  Hazards and Hazardous Materials  Utilities/Service Systems  Hydrology/Water Quality  Mandatory Findings of Significance 15

16 Next Steps Accepting written comments until 2:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Friday, December 5, 2014. Send comments to: Ms. Michelle Lobo Email: Phone: (916) 327-3117 Fax: (916) 341-5400 State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights Water Quality Certification Program Attn: Michelle Lobo P.O. Box 2000 Sacramento, CA 95812-2000 16

17 Next Steps Presentation will be posted to the Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project webpage State Water Board staff will work with a consultant to develop a draft CEQA document based on existing information and comments collected. There will be a public comment period for the draft CEQA document. 17

18 Additional Information Available on State Water Board’s webpage at: /water_issues/programs/water_quality_cert /lassen_lodge_ferc12496/ 18

19 Future Updates To receive future updates, sign up online to receive emails at: subscriptions/swrcb_subscribe.shtml  Select “State Water Resources Control Board”  Enter email address and full name  Under categories, select “Water Rights”  Select Box for “Water Rights Water Quality Certification”  Click “Subscribe” button at the top 19

20 Questions Questions or comments? 20

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