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Division of Local Assistance Office of Special & Discretionary Programs December 2, 2010.

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1 Division of Local Assistance Office of Special & Discretionary Programs December 2, 2010


3 Environmental Enhancement Mitigation Program Brenda Herron-Program Coordinator 916-653-6930 11-4-2010

4 Environmental Enhancement Mitigation Program (EEM) The EEM program was established by the Legislature in 1989 to provide environmental enhancements and mitigation above and beyond the mitigation associated with the environmental impacts caused by a related transportation project. The Streets and Highways Code provides the Legislature with the authority to allocated $10 million in State funds annually to local, State, and federal agencies, and nonprofit entities. Funding for the annual EEM program is subject to the appropriation of funds in the State Budget Act. Historical Funding Fiscal Year Funding 2004-05 $ 5M 2005-06 $ 0M 2006-07 $10M 2007-08 $10M 2008-09 $10M 2009-10 $10M 2010-11 $10M

5 Northern/Southern Counties Split In keeping with the provisions in the Streets and Highways Code an attempt will be made to split the State Fund allocations: 60 % of projects will be allocated to the Southern Counties. 40% of projects will be allocated to the Northern Counties.

6 Local, state and federal agencies –City of Arcata, Ca. Dept. of State Parks, Caltrans, etc. Nonprofit organizations –People for Trees –Our City Forest –Hollywood Beautification Team –The Trust for Public Land Applicants are not required to be a transportation organization to submit an application and receive funding. But they have to tie their project to a related transportation project. No matching funds are required, but will receive extra points if matching funds are involved. Who can apply for EEM funds?

7 Project Categories Resource Lands – Includes acquisition, restoration or enhancement of resource lands that protect or enhance the ecosystem, watershed and other statewide natural resources.

8 Highway Landscaping and Urban Forestry – Projects that include the planting of trees or other suitable plants, to offset vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide. Project Categories continued

9 Roadside Recreation – Provide for development of roadside recreation opportunities such as, roadside rests, scenic overlooks, snow-parks, trails, trail heads, and parks.

10 Responsibilities of Key Participants The California Natural Resources Agency Prescribe and maintain Program Guidelines and Criteria to evaluate grant proposals. Develop and maintain a mailing list of interested applicants. Sends out the Call for Projects. Selects a Technical Committee to Evaluate the Applications. Prepare and submit the list of ranked proposals to Caltrans and CTC. Review and comment on major changes in project scope.

11 Responsibilities of Key Participants Caltrans, HQ Collect CEQA documents from applicant and provide to CTC Prepare allocation requests HQ develops Applicant-State Agreements Monitor project status and expenditure of EEM funds Process scope change requests Process Cooperative Work Agreements (CWA) Revise and update policies and procedures

12 Responsibilities of Key Participants Caltrans Districts Provides general guidance to applicants Coordinates with Environmental for CEQA for the Related Transportation Facility (RTF) Coordinate with Right of Way for Acquisition Projects Approve all invoices Performs the final inspection of the project

13 EEM for 2010-11 $10 Million Call for projects are issued by Resources Agency in the Month of August 2010. Applications are due in the Month of October 2010. Resources agency sends the list of selected projects to the CTC in January 2011. The draft list is submitted to CTC for the 30-day Notice Period. CTC adopts the list of projects in March 2011 and allocates funds. Caltrans executes the agreements and encumbers the funds in April/May 2011. Funds must be liquidated by April 30, 2016. Funds lapse June 30, 2016

14 References California Streets and Highways Code 164.56 Environmental Enhancement Mitigation Program procedures The Natural Resource Agency

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