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Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation.

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1 Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation

2 Timeline 2014 DeliverablesCompletion Outline project goals and objectives,May 2014 Identify Steering Committee members June 2014 Steering Committee Meeting #1June 2014 Existing Conditions Summary September 2014 Community Meeting #1 September 2014 Draft list of recommendations November 2014 2015 DeliverablesCompletion Steering Committee Meeting #2January 2015 Draft prioritized implementation planMarch 2015 Community Meeting #2March 2015 Community Meeting #3 May 2015 Finalize list of recommendations May 2015 Develop draft reportMay 2015 Steering Committee Meeting #3May 2015 Finalize prioritized implementation plan June 2015 Final reportJune 2015 City Council and Planning Commission adoption June 2015

3 Rocky River Drive Plan Goals Identify transportation improvements for motorists, pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists Improve gateways to the neighborhood and connections to Cleveland Hopkins, Rocky River Reservation Update 2002 Master Plan to reflect trends in property values, foreclosures, vacancy in order to develop a redevelopment strategy Analyze options for City owned parking at Albers and West 168 th Street

4 Community Feedback

5 Study Area 2002 Master PlanCurrent Study

6 Street Sections and Lane Widths Typical road width is 52 feet Outer lanes widen south of Puritas Typical lane width is 12’-15’ Standard lane width is 11’ Excessive width encourages speeding, which is unsafe

7 Population and Housing Trends Overall, population is declining Slowing between 2000 – 2010 Growth in young adults and adults Population, Household, and Dwelling Units 1980 - 2010 PopulationHouseholds Dwelling Units 201014,0586,0886,567 200014,8706,3476,558 199017,0426,8027,118 198019,4526,7586,913 Change 1980-2010 -28%-10%-5% Age Characteristics 1980 - 2010 Under Age 1818 to 2425 to 4445 to 6465+Total 19805,5342,3645,0854,0302,43919,452 Percent of Total28%12%26%21%13%100% 19904,2191,3055,5833,3202,61517,042 Percent of Total25%8%33%19%15%100% 20003,5469724,9603,0742,31814,870 Percent of Total24%7%33%21%16%100% 20103,2001,2364,0223,9321,66814,058 Percent of Total23%9%29%28%12%100%

8 Crashes: Lorain to Puritas & Puritas to Brookpark

9 Traffic Volumes Rocky River Drive 24-hour volumes range between 10,000 and 17,000 Volumes are highest near Lorain Ave Volumes generally decrease going south away from Lorain Ave Volumes expected to decline by 10%-15% by 2035 17,000 13,000 16,000 15,000 10,000 12,000 13,000

10 Traffic Analysis DD DC BA BA CC BA AA DD AM 7:15a-8:15a PM 4:30p-5:30p LorainCDD ChatfieldCCD ValleyviewAAB FairwayBAB PuritasCCC HomewayBAB Cleveland PkwyAAA BrookparkDDD D or better is acceptable operation PM peak from 4:30p-5:30p is the heaviest hour of traffic

11 Create neighborhood gateway on southern end of study area (consistent with wayfinding) New Gas Station at Brookpark and Rocky River Drive Will include gateway landscaping – signage to West Park, Kamm’s Corners Cleveland Parkway Denotes separation from airport uses (i.e., rental car facilities) Extend wayfinding to Brookpark Preliminary Recommendations

12 Proposed Traffic Operations: North of Homeway ALTERNATE: BUFFER STRIPING ALTERNATE: ON-STREET PARKING

13 Current Configuration

14 Proposed Configuration

15 Proposed Traffic Operations: South of Homeway

16 Current Configuration

17 Proposed Configuration

18 Preliminary Recommendations Existing: Metroparks Multiuse Path Puritas Avenue Bike Lanes Plans: Puritas connector to Metroparks Lorain Avenue east of W. 150 th Triskett Road (W. 140 th to Lorain) Proposed (by Cleveland Bikeway Implementation Plan) Rocky River Drive Connectors to Grayton Road and Cleveland Hopkins Airport

19 Crosswalks Install high visibility crosswalks at intersections Install mid-block crossings and/or pedestrian islands at several locations, particularly near schools or on walking routes to school Preliminary Recommendations

20 Benefits of 3-lane Roadway SAFETY: 29% Reduction in crashes, improved visibility for left-turning cars & crossing pedestrians, reduced speeding LIVABILITY: driving lanes are further away from sidewalk, median could be landscaped where turn lanes aren’t needed OPERATIONS: separating left turns reduces delay, side street through movements are easier

21 Benefits of 3-lane Roadway FHWA: 1 of 9 Proven Safety Countermeasures

22 Benefits of 3-lane Roadway ODOT is supportive of 3-lane roads that operate at LOS D or better 3-lane roadway supports recommendations from various City of Cleveland planning efforts: Bikeways Plan (2014) Street Typologies Plan (2013) Complete and Green Streets Ordinance (2011)

23 Next Steps Incorporate public comments Finalize recommendations Develop implementation plan and preliminary cost estimates Stakeholder Meeting 3 Draft final report

24 Ryan Noles or 216-241-2414 ext. 273 Melissa Thompson or 216-241-2414 ext. 344 Ben Campbell or 216-252-6559 ext. 1200

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