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Apostolic: Founded on the Apostles

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1 Apostolic: Founded on the Apostles
Chapter 1 Apostolic: Founded on the Apostles

2 Vocabulary Apostolic- Jesus founded the Church on the Apostles
Church is faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ passed on to her by the Apostles Magisterium- teaching office of the church Guided by the Holy Spirit, to accurately and authentically interpret the Word of God Scripture and Tradition Trinitarian- “reflecting the unity of the blessed trinity”

3 Peter and the Early Church
First followers of Jesus were primarily Jews They believed that only Jews were included in the divine plan of salvation Acts of the Apostles Peter and others understood that God invites and calls all people to salvation Luke describes the vision of Peter and of the conversion of Cornelius, a centurion in the Roman army. Read: Acts of the Apostles 10: , page 32 in Religion book

4 Holy Spirit Guides Peter
Cornelius sent a letter to Peter inviting him to come and teach his family about the Lord Peter was troubled because Cornelius was not Jewish The Holy Spirit prompted Peter to go This is when Peter realized that Jesus wanted him to teach not only Jews, but all people Peter was given the authority to teach by Jesus This authority has been passed on to Pope and bishops

5 Authority/Holy Spirit
The Pope and bishops serve the church by instructing and leading her members The pope and bishops make up the Magisterium As they teach they are guided by the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit ensures the Church’s fidelity(faithfulness) to the teaching of Jesus When the Pope or the bishops proclaim a teaching on morality or faith, it becomes infallible (incapable of being wrong)

6 Church Community Peter and the other Apostles would share stories of Jesus in someone’s home. They cared for each other’s needs and prayed together during the day and in the evening They read ancient Israel Scriptures like we read God’s word today They remember his life, his death, and resurrection Celebrate with breaking of bread

7 Homework Read pages 32-33 Answer the following questions: (write each question) 1. Have you ever been part of a group in which everyone was treated as an equal? What was it like? How did you feel about belonging to that group? 2. What important aspects of the early Church life helped the Church grow? 3. Do the activity on page 33

8 Study Guide Know who the first leader of the church was
Know the practices of early Christian communities Know what Peter meant by: “Whoever honors God and acts uprightly is acceptable to God” “to him all prophets bear witness, that everyone who believes in him will receive ____________________” Know the 3 ways the church reflects the unity of the Trinity Know how the reading of ancient scriptures is similar to today’s mass Know why Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith to be strong

9 Study Guide Pope and bishops continue_________________________
Know what Peter responded when Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?” A summary of Catholic beliefs taught for almost 2000 years is ___________________________ Know who’s house Peter visited Know the term magisterium Know who guides the church to be faithful Know the term infallible Know the term Apostolic

10 Study Guide Jesus early followers believed that God’s salvation was only for__________________ Peter and the other apostles taught the _________________ Know who Cornelius sent a message to Know the term Trinitarian Know the law about Jews entering homes

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