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Auditing and Certification Scheme to increase the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Cities Organisation Surname, Name Meeting / Conference.

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1 Auditing and Certification Scheme to increase the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Cities Organisation Surname, Name Meeting / Conference Location, Date

2 2 Tables of contents Facts & Figures Target Groups Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan ADVANCE Audit Results Lessons Learned Next Steps

3 3 1. Facts & Figures ADVANCE in one sentence ADVANCE aims to develop, test and apply an Audit Scheme to increase the quality of SUMPs in at least 8 cities! Main figures 36 months of duration (June 2011 – June 2014) 11 partners from Europe (AT, ES, EL, FR, BE, PL, RO, SE, SL, SK) 8 cities test the ADVANCE Audit Budget: € 1.312.000 75 % IEE funding (€ 984.000)

4 4 1. Facts & Figures ParticipantCountry Austrian Mobility ResearchAT University of Piraeus Research Centre EL Energy Agency of PodravjeSL TrajectBE Association for Urban TransitionRO CINESI SL Transport ConsultancyES University of ŽilinaSK City of MalmöSE EUROCITIESBE Center for studies on urban planning, transport & public facilities FR City of SzczecinPL

5 5 2. Target groups 1. Representatives of local municipalities Transport, land use and spatial planers Decision makers and politicians Benefits for municipalities: Development of sustainable mobility concept as a basis for future EU funded projects Benchmarking with other municipalities on European level Potential national funding for implementation of ADVANCE Audit Scheme Receive local action plan (incl. recommendations for further actions) Better image as an innovative and sustainable city

6 6 2. Target groups 2. External auditors Transport consultants Representatives of mobility / energy agencies Benefits for external auditors: Free training and certificate Know-how exchange at the training event Business model: increasing demand of cities to implement mobility audits is expected

7 7 2. Target groups 3. Umbrella organisations City Networks Mobility Management Platforms  Multipliers to disseminate the project, the ADVANCE Audit Scheme and the outcomes 4. National / federal organisations Ministries Federal funding organisation  Responsible for local (monetary) support of municipalities  Create national standards for municipalities to obtain funding

8 3. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 8

9 Traditional Transport PlanSUMP Focuses on traffic and traffic flowFocuses on people, accessibility and quality of life Relies on engineeringRelies on interdisciplinary approach Effects are evaluated partiallyMonitoring, evaluation & incorporation of lessons learnt: key components Main actors from policy and administration Main actors from civil society 9

10 4. ADVANCE Audit 10

11 4. ADVANCE Audit – Process (I) Objective Assist cities to develop a SUMP or to improve the quality of an existing SUMP Target group Cities: Small, medium and large sized cities Approach Comparison of existing mobility plan to an ideal SUMP Implementation Interactive process to assess the quality of the SUMP (3-6 months, 5 steps)  external auditor (moderator, facilitator, mobility expert)  internal stakeholders (self-assessment) 11

12 4. ADVANCE Audit – Process (II) Outputs and results Local action plan  recommendations to city Audit report  documentation of audit process Certification  certification by auditor 12

13 4. ADVANCE Audit – Characteristics (I) Continuous process External auditor as facilitator / moderator Guidance & assistence Collaboration: internal stakeholder + auditor Local action plan (recommendations) 13

14 4. ADVANCE Audit – Characteristics (II) Assessment tools: Desk Research; Site-Visit; Self-assessment Questionnaire; Checklist 14

15 Agioi-Anargyroi (GR) -35.000 Ploesti (RO) – 230.000 Maribor (SL) – 120.000 Stetin (PL) - 407.000 Terrassa (ES) – 210.000 Žilina (SK) – 85.000 Malmö (SE) – 290.000 Judenburg (AT) – 10.000 Schaerbeek (BE) – 125.000 4. ADVANCE Audit – Participating cities 15

16 5. Results – Project Level 1 Audit and Certification Scheme for SUMPs was developed, tested and applied 9 Local Action Plans were carried out 43 cities plan to implement the ADVANCE Audit 8 national training work shops were held 120 ADVANCE Auditors from 13 European countries were trained Results were disseminated in 18 international conferences (more than 1500 participants) Flemish Region and the Association of Urban Transport Municipalities in Catalonia are interested that ADVANCE will become a regional standard 16

17 5. Results – City Level Local Action Plan Judenburg Mission fields Definition of an annual budget for mobility investments Introduction of a local mobility coordinator Action Fields Study to increase the performance of the inner city bus Promotion of cycling tourism Mobility Management for Schools (e.g. Traffic Snake Game) 17

18 5. Results – City Level Local Action Plan Schaerbeek Mission fields Setting up a mobility group Information evenings Setting up a framework for communication Action fields Continue to develop cycling facilities Park & Ride and Park & Bike Campaign speed limitation zones 30km/h Promoting active mobility in schools Mobility plan of the municipal administration Pilot project cargo bikes 18

19 6. Lessons Learned Interdisciplinary themes need a constant exchange  Important to bring stakeholder together  Discuss between departments The assessment process is more important than the scores  More important to have a local action plan Involvement of all key actors  Bring different key actors on the table  But they need an active role in the process 19

20 6. Lessons Learned Prioritized mobility measures strongly depend on the development level of the city  Starting cities were lacking basic cooperation schemes and too much focus was put on the development of road infrastructure.  Advancing or advanced cities like Malmö, Terrassa, Judenburg and Schaerbeek focused on aspects like air and noise pollution, energy consumption in transport and intermodality. Need to stay connected  ADVANCE Association will serve this need 20

21 7. Next steps 21

22 7. Next steps – ADVANCE Association Aim to establish the ADVANCE Association… Go to to stay informed! 22

23 23 Thank you for your attention! Organisation Name Contact details

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