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Why was the host embarrassed? In 1930 a Chinese official visited America. An American friend invited him to have a western dinner. After he sat down.

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3 Why was the host embarrassed? In 1930 a Chinese official visited America. An American friend invited him to have a western dinner. After he sat down at the table, He used the napkin to clean the knives and forks. The host was embarrassed( 尴尬 ).So the host asked the waiter to take away all the tableware ( 餐具 )on the table and bring other pairs. Lead in

4 1. Culture and table manners 2. Laying the table 3. Manners of having dishes 4. Effects of religious belief on table manners 5. 5. Manners of speaking at table 6 6. Manners of drinking. 7. Changes of table manners 8. The importance of table manners. Which of the following subjects are mentioned in the passage?     

5 Match A with B A (paragraph) Part1 Part2 Part3 ( 1 ) (2-5) ( 6 ) Table manners’ changing over time and places Laying the table and good table manners The order of dishes and good table manners B(main idea)

6 Read Para.1 carefully and answer the questions. 1.Why is it important to know table manners in Western dinner party? 2.What does having good table manners mean? 3 How is the table laid? Because knowing it can help you make a good impression. It means knowing how to use knives and forks, when to drink a toast and how to behave at the table.

7 1 4 2 6 5 For a small bread rollFor white wine for red wine for water For the soup For the dessert napkin 7 3

8 Careful Reading( Para2-5 ) 1. In what order will the dishes be served at a Western dinner party? Please number them. the first the second the third the fourth soup main course dessert starter

9 2.For the starter/ After the starter, what should you do? 3. For main course, which part of the bird do many Westerners think to be the best? What can they do when eating chicken or other birds? 4. When you are at table, what should you do? 5. What’s the best advice for drinking during a dinner party? party? You should try to speak quietly and smile a lot, but do not laugh all the time. For drinking during a dinner party,the best advice is never drink too much.

10 6.Decide which of the following behaviour is polite or impolite at a Western dinner party. 1. Use the knife with your right hand. 2. Put your napkin on your lap. 3. Start eating as soon as your food is served in front of you. 4. Ask for a second bowl of soup. 5. Use your fingers when eating chicken. 6. Finish eating everything on your plate. 7. Talk loudly while eating. 8. Make other people drink more spirits than they can take.

11 2.For the starter, which you eat with the smaller pair, you keep the knives in your right hand and the fork in your left. After the starter, you will get a bowl of soup---but only one bowl of soup and never ask for a second serving.

12 3.Many Westerners think the chicken breast with its tender white flesh is the best part of the bird. They can use their fingers when they are eating chicken or other birds, but never touch beef or other meat on bones.

13 Read Para6 carefully and answer the questions. 1.Why is it difficult for people to follow good table manners? 1.Table manners change over time and places. 2.what can you do if you’re not sure what to do ? You can always follow your hosts.

14 What is polite and what is impolite at a Western dinner party ? 1. Before a dinner 2. Before starting eating 3. For the starter 4. After the starter 5. While having the main course 6. At table 7. When drinking

15 Before a dinner : It ’ s polite to put your napkin on your ______. It ’ s impolite to get a napkin to clean your _____ and ____. lap facehands

16 Before starting eating : It’s polite to___ before you start eating or to keep ___ for a moment. It is impolite to start _____ immediately. pray silent eating

17 For the starter : It is polite to keep the knife in your_____ hand and the fork in your _____. It’s impolite to wave your knives. right left

18 After the starter : It’s polite to get only ___ bowl of soup. It’s impolite to ask for a ____ serving. one second

19 While having the main course : It’s polite to use their ____ when they are eating chicken or other birds. It’s impolite to ______ beef or other meat on bones. It’s polite to finish eating ______ on your plate. It’s impolite to take ____ food than you need. fingers touch everything more

20 At table : It’s polite to try to speak ____ and ____ a lot. It’s impolite to ____ all the time. quietly smile laugh

21 When drinking : It’s polite to ____ your glasses. It’s impolite to ____ the glasses. It’s polite to take only a ____. It’s impolite to finish drinking at once or drink __ ____. raise touch sip toomuch

22 There are 9 bad manners in it. How many can you find?

23 A. napkin B. mouth full C. fingers D. gobbling E. knife F. smoking G. tooth picking H. fingers I. reaching across the table

24 Foreigners joining a Chinese dinner party should know and follow Chinese table manners. Before dinner you sometimes get a hot, _____ cloth, with which you can clean your face and hands. It is a _______ in China to have some tea or other drinks before the meal is served. First, some cold _____ are provided. Rice or _______ are served and should not be mixed with other food. In Western countries people think chicken ______ with its ______ white flesh is the best part of the bird, while Chinese people are happier with a wing or leg. Chinese people prefer using ________ instead of forks and knives. It is allowed to use your hands when eating meat on _____. When the soup arrives at the end of the meal, a _____ is used. If the soup is very hot, foreigners like blowing to cool it. In China it is better to wait a little while. At a dinner party Chinese people enjoy drinking beer or ______. For a _____ everybody gets up, raises their glasses and touches the others’ glasses, saying ganbei! custom toast breast dishes damp bones chopsticks tender spirits spoon noodles damp custom dishes noodles breasttender chopsticks bones spoon spirits toast Chinese Table Manners

25 Tell the differences between China and Western countries in table manners Discussion

26 ChinaWestern Counties before the meal cutlery 餐具 napkin drinking chicken napkin put on laps a hot, damp cloth to clean face & hands take a sip/should not touch the glasses finish at once a small bread roll and three glasses a cup of tea or other drinks a pair of chopsticks two pairs of knives and forks a wing or leg allowed to use hands to eat meat with bones chicken breast Don' t use fingers when eating meat on bones The differences

27 Although we are careful enough, something unexpected may happen at a formal dinner party. Work in pairs and discuss what to do if the following things happen to you.

28 1. You really want more of the food which is out of your reach:. 2. You need to leave the table to go to the bathroom or do something:. 3. If your hostess wants to serve you some food but you don’t want to eat it,. 4. If you wish to be served with more tea or coffee,. 5. If your fork falls on the floor,. 6. At the table there are many knives and forks, and you don’t know which one to begin with:.

29 Homework 1.Read the passage again after class. 2.Write a short passage about table manners in China and Western countries.


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