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Mind Your Table Manners

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1 Mind Your Table Manners

2 Commonsense Suggestions
THINGS TO CONSIDER Place Setting Rules Personal Habits Commonsense Suggestions

3 PLACE SETTING RULES Only use the dishes, stemware and flatware that will be needed to eat the meal. Some items may be brought with a course. Items should be set 1” from the edge of table Use utensils from the outside in.

4 Place Setting Rules cont.
Leave dropped utensils on the floor and ask the waiter for a new one. Place used utensils on the plate to maintain a clean table cloth. When finished, place knife and fork on plate, pointing to 11:00. Break off bite-size bread and butter each time.

5 Personal Habits Don’t talk with your mouth full. ( It is unpleasant and difficult to understand when speaking). Don’t order messy food. ( You will feel self-conscious while eating). Don’t burp. If it happens say, “Excuse me.”

6 Personal Habits cont. Keep elbows off the table. (It may interfere with the person next to you.) Give your mouth space to converse. Always use a napkin; do not lick your fingers. Don’t lift your soup bowl to finish. Use a spoon.

7 Commonsense Suggestions
Turn off your cell phone. Give the companion full attention. Don’t drink alcohol or limit to one. Be in full control. Write a thank you note. It shows good manners and puts your name in front of the possible employer.

8 Commonsense Suggestions cont.
Don’t order the most expensive meal. During cocktails, keep drink in left hand to keep right hand available for handshakes. Sit down at the table after your host to show courtesy. Do not smoke, unless they do so first. Always ask for items to be passed across the table.

9 Conclusion Employers want to see your table manners because upon hire, you are representing their company. These are the American rules at the table to prevent any problems and help you land the job.

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