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Aim: What are some other applications of genetically engineered organisms?

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1 Aim: What are some other applications of genetically engineered organisms?

2 LO: SWBAT explain some applications of genetic engineering DN: Describe what a transgenic organisms is, and identify how transgenic bacteria have been used to benefit humans. HW: page 330- read and complete research and decide

3 What is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)? Is any organism that has acquired one or more ______ by artificial means. A GMO is said to be genes transgenic This means that the GMO containsDNA from different species.

4 What are the benefits to genetically modified plants and animals? 1)To make pesticide __________ plants. 2)GM plants can produce natural __________. 1)To increase ________ content. 2)To make food last _______. 3)Getting food to the market _______. resistant pesticide vitamin longer faster

5 Some Examples of GM Plants: Golden Rice is genetically _________ so it contains ______ from daffodils to _________ the production of ______________ (an important precursor of Vitamin A). modifiedgenes increase beta-carotene

6 Scientists have also genetically _________ sweet corn so it contains _____ from a bacteria that allow the corn to produce a natural __________. modified genes pesticide

7 How do scientists genetically modify plants?

8 Example of a GM Animal: These two salmon are the same age, but the GM salmon grew at about twice the rate. **It is more difficult to genetically modify animals than plants.

9 What are the risks of GMOs? 1)Increase in food ________. 2)The creation of new __________. 3) Reduced ________ content. 4) Create antibiotic __________. toxicity allergens nutritional resistance

10 What is Gene Therapy? We rely on our genes functioning correctly, so when a gene is missing or not functioning, a ________ can result. Gene therapy is a way of putting the _______ gene back into our cells. disease correct

11 How is it done? Vector carries the new gene to the cells.

12 Will this individual produce offspring with the normal gene? No, because the sex cells were not altered.

13 Challenges of Gene Therapy: 1)The vector itself could cause the individual to become _____. 2) The gene has to be delivered to many & the right kinds of ______. 3)The gene needs to be inserted in the right part of the cell’s _______. 4) The gene, once present, needs to be __________. sick cells genome expressed

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