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Module 1 Unit 2 Project: writing an advice letter --By Zhou Zhenghu No

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1 Module 1 Unit 2 Project: writing an advice letter --By Zhou Zhenghu No
Module 1 Unit 2 Project: writing an advice letter --By Zhou Zhenghu No.2 Middle School

2 I. Analysis of the Curriculum Standards
The overall aim of high school English courses is to help students further define the purpose of English learning after they have finished compulsory education, and they should form the habit of self-learning and cooperative learning. Besides, they will need effective English language learning strategies to develop their ability in using this language, so that they can improve their emotional attitudes and effective learning strategies in the learning process and form a correct outlook on life and values,

3 Ⅱ.Analysis of guiding ideology and theoretical basis
The new Curriculum Standards requires the Senior students in Grade One should be able to describe personal experiences and give some advice on a particular phenomenon. In addition, students should also assess the learning process and result and adjust their learning objectives and strategies. In a teaching activity, a teacher ought to try his or her best to help students learn actively and full of enthusiasm, so that they can experience success in the learning process and as a result, their self-confidence increases.

4 Ⅲ.Analysis of the teaching background
1 The status of the teaching material The project in this unit is designed to help the students learn to give advice through doing a project. The two letters in Part A are for students to read and find out what has happened between the father and his son. The purpose of this section is to let students use what they have learnt to finish a project by working together. In the course of doing the project, the students will discuss what has happened between the father and his son, what they can do to help the two and write letters to give them some advice to solve their problems. They will search and find some information to do some writing. In order to write a wonderful writing, they are expected to know how to cooperate and how to fulfill each part of the task.

5 2 Important points and difficult points
(1) How to write an advice letter. (2) How to enable students to assign roles to each group member and work together to solve problems. (3) How to guide students to assess their own and the partners’ writings. 3 Students Usually students in a class are not at the same level, So it’s necessary to overcome some students’ shyness and language barriers through the interaction activity.

6 Ⅳ.Goals to the teaching 1 Knowledge goals
(1) To learn two letters about the problems that happened between the father and his son. (2) To learn about some expressions: insist, suggest, forbid, as though, insist on, at the moment etc. 2 Ability goals To help students learn how to write an advice letter 3 Emotion goals (1) Father loves you forever; (2) Know how to cooperate and how to fulfill each part of work.

7 Ⅴ.Analysis of the Teaching Methods and aids
1 Methods: As we all know, the main instructional aims of learning English in middle school is to cultivate Ss’ basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of English. In order to finish the teaching goals above, I’ll mainly use “Task-based Language Teaching Method”. To make the class a student-centered one, the students are encouraged to work in groups, so they have more opportunities to practice. I’ll let the Ss learn in real situations and finish the tasks by teamwork and individual activity. Teacher acts as an organizer, a listener and a helper. I will assign the tasks according to the students’ level and let Ss learn step by step. I’ll help the Ss to get a better understanding of the text and enlarge the Ss’ range of knowledge, train their studying interests, and improve their abilities of using English. 2 Aids: A multi-media computer, a tape recorder and some slides

8 Ⅵ.Analysis of the Learning Methods
1 To train them to study independently, Ss can be asked to preview the two letters on page 38 before class by answering some questions; 2 Guide Ss to master and use reading skills, skimming, scanning and careful reading, and master student- centered vocabulary learning method by the context, text clues and their word knowledge; 3 Guide Ss to study English cooperatively. It contains pair and group work. They can make a discussion and learn from each other. It can arouse students to think and to say what they want to. Study becomes more relaxed and pleased in this kind of environment.

9 Ⅶ.Teaching steps Step 1 Lead in 1 Welcome as usual.
2 Give students enough time to discuss the questions below: a. Who do you think loves more, your mother or your father? b. When you experience some problems with your parents, how will you solve the problem? To whom do you often turn for help? Purpose: To form a better surrounding for students by speaking and discussions. It will provide situation and background for students to carry out next discussion. T: In almost every family, there are problems that may upset teenagers and their parents. A father has some problems with his son. They have both written letters to a magazine, asking for advice. Today we’re going to help them solve their problems.

10 Step 2. Reading (12 minutes)
Have students answer some questions about the letters by reading the two letters: The first letter 1.Why does the father write the letter? 2.What does the father think about his son? 3.What is the father worrying about? The second letter 1.Why does the son write the letter? 2.What are his problems? 3.How does he feel about his father? Finally deal with some language points Purpose: To grasp the main ideas and some details of the text, while reading. I’ll guide Ss to use the reading skills and form the habit of reading.

11 Step 3. Discussion (5 minutes)
T: What advice will you give to the father or the boy if you are an advice columnist? Ask students to work in groups of four and find the suggestions to them individually. Purpose: To get the students to understand the letters better and to form the basis of the writing later.

12 Step 4. Writing an advice letter (23 minutes)
Activity One Planning (work in groups of four) (3 minutes) First let students discuss and choose which letter to focus on; Then, decide which of the suggested answers should be included in the letter the group will write; Finally, discuss the task below and decide which group members will be responsible for what tasks. (remember: two or three people can work on the same task) Research the style an advice letter should be written in _____. Write an outline for the letter _____. Write the letter _____. Purpose: Students can communicate with each other in real situations. Through this activity, they will learn that one can never do everything and everyone should be responsible for his own duty.

13 Activity Two Preparing (5 minutes)
In this step, students will prepare for writing the letter. They will discuss and write an outline for the letter first. Members responsible for doing research need to find examples of advice letters. The members should discuss what they found and decide how the letter should be written. Those responsible for writing the outline need to make a draft and have it approved by the other group members. Purpose: students will learn that an outline is very important for an article. Also they can practice speaking in real situations and learn to share with partners.

14 Activity Three Producing (6 minutes)
In this step, students will write the letter by following the style and the outline they just completed. All members need to proofread the draft before the writers can make a final version. The final version has to be approved by the whole group. Purpose: Students use what they learned and what has been done to finish the letter. Their ability in using English can be improved and learn to be cooperative.

15 Activity Four Presenting (9 minutes)
Ask several groups to present what they have written to the whole class. Answer any questions the classmates have about the letter. Display the letter where it can be seen. Purpose: To get students to present their writings so that their self-confidence can be improved. What’s more, they can learn from other groups and find out the advantages and disadvantages of one another.

16 Step 5. Summary and homework (1 minute)
Purpose: To draw a conclusion of what they learned in this lesson, train Ss to practice English after class and do some extensive exercises to consolidate the knowledge they’ve learnt.

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