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Overview of the hospital’s computer systems

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1 Overview of the hospital’s computer systems

2  Spend c3.0% per annum of Trust income on Information Management & Technology  Support 2,000 networked PCs over Wireless network  Receive 30,000 calls to the Main Switchboard each week  Send 50,000 Pager ‘bleep’ messages to our doctors & nurses every month

3 The Patient Journey Admission (elective or emergency) Assessment/ Diagnosis X-ray, blood test, etc Surgery Recovery Follow up with GP Discharge from hospital

4 Details are registered on the hospital system as soon as the patient reaches the hospital Details from any previous visits will already be in the system Information includes name, address, next of kin, etc

5 A&E staff use the ‘tracker’ to manage patients while they are in A&E and to ensure we consistently hit our ‘4-hour maximum’ targets

6 If a blood test, x-ray or any other test is required, these are ordered on the system & results are returned electronically If the patient requires regular tests, we build a record of these so the consultant can compare results and look back at the results history

7 PACS Picture Archiving & Communications System  Captures, stores, distributes and displays static or moving digital images such as electronic X-rays or scans  Takes away need to print on film or distribute images manually - images are created and can instantly be sent and viewed across several NHS locations simultaneously.

8 The nursing staff complete assessment forms designed to assist the assessment & monitoring of the patient’s nursing needs

9 The Patient Care Enquiry facility allows clinicians to view all details relating to an episode of patient care

10 Patients’ hospital letters are accessed on the system GPs are notified electronically when one of their patients has been discharged. Social Services are engaged earlier so that arrangements can be made to reduce delayed patient discharge

11 Clinical Correspondence Discharge summaries, Attendance letters, A&E reports, Radiology reports, One-off letters. The system is fully integrated with the Patient Care System.

12 Hospital system A&E A&E All Wards All Wards Theatres Theatres Radiology Radiology Pathology Pathology Pharmacy Pharmacy Patient demographics Patient demographics Diagnosis & treatment Diagnosis & treatment Nurse care pathways Nurse care pathways Medications Medications Test orders & results Test orders & results X-ray images X-ray images Letters Letters Fully integrated hospital-wide Patient Care System

13 Hospital system GP & Social Services systems GP referrals GP referrals Letters to GPs Letters to GPs Test requests Test requests Results reporting Results reporting Discharge bulletins Discharge bulletins Electronic exchange with GPs & Social Services

14 N3 The new national NHS Network  N3 provides fast, broadband networking services to the NHS offering reliability and value-for-money  N3 will be as important to the NHS as road and rail networks are to our daily lives, and will make it possible to deliver reforms and new services to improve patient care. National Programme for IT (NPfIT) and The Countess of Chester

15 National Programme for IT (NPfIT) and The Countess of Chester Choose & Book Electronic Booking Service  Choose and Book allows GPs and other primary care staff to make initial hospital outpatient appointments at a convenient time, date and place for the patient.  With Choose and Book a patient can choose where they wish to be treated. They can book the appointment at the surgery, on-line, or through a telephone booking service.

16 We must be doing something right!  Top results in Audit Commission survey on attitudes of clinicians to IM&T Chart 18: Overall attitude to IT

17 If you would like any more information about the Trust’s computer systems, please contact:- Phil Davies, Director of IM&T Tel: 01244 366302 eMail:

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