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What is a transcript? What are credits? How do I check my grades? Where can I get help with classes? How should I prepare for final exams? What does success.

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2 What is a transcript? What are credits? How do I check my grades? Where can I get help with classes? How should I prepare for final exams? What does success mean to me?

3 THE HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT What is a transcript? It is copy of a permanent academic record. Does the transcript include grades from reports cards? Only the final semester grades are recorded on the transcript. Who will see the transcript? The transcript may be viewed by potential employers, school officials with an educational interest, individuals responsible for college admission and scholarship selection committees.

4 HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS What is a unit of credit? A reference for measuring educational attainment When do I start earning credits? Credits are earned for high school course work which generally begins in ninth grade. How many credits must I earn per semester to compete in sports or other interscholastic activities and contests? To participate in any event sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), a student must be enrolled in 3.0 credits during the current semester and have passed 3.0 credits the previous semester.

5 CHECKING ACADEMIC PROGRESS How can I check my grades? PowerSchool is an online program that provides individual student information such as current grades, missing assignments and attendance. How can I access the program? To check your grades online using PowerSchool, you’ll need your user name and password. If you did not receive it, go to the Library Media Center, or Counseling Center. When ready, click the link below:

6 ASSISTANCE WITH LEARNING Where can I get assistance with my classes? Students should speak with their teachers when struggling with a subject, but they may also seek assistance through the Learning Center. What is the Learning Center? The Learning Center is an educational resource center for all CHS students, where they can have one-on-one contact with teachers in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It also houses the Study Center where students can complete homework, study for tests or strengthen their skills. Some students are enrolled in a Learning Center class during the school day; however, all students of CHS are welcome to drop in before or after school for extra assistance. When is the Learning Center open and where is it located? The main Learning Center is located in room 114 and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on Fridays. Students are encouraged to come in for help before or after school. For specific assistance with Physics, students can visit room 214 after school until 4:00, Monday through Thursday.


8 Pr e-Test Preparation Organize materials by subject and prioritize work by importance. Check with your teacher if unsure of what to study. Schedule time on a calendar for regular homework, final exam study times, breaks, classes, activities, meals, and adequate sleep. Avoid cramming. Plan the study schedule in 1 to 2 hour blocks. Study at least once with distractions. Practice redirecting your focus. Recognize that it’s normal find ways to avoid studying. Identify your avoidance strategies and be prepared to overcome them. Find a reward that is meaningful and treat yourself after a study session. Maintain good health habits and a regular routine. Plan a post-test reward.

9 The Day of the Test Maintain your normal routine. Breakfast is important, but this is not the morning to try new foods or larger quantities. If possible, do something relaxing just before the test. Take care of restroom/snack needs before test time. Bring the necessary tools for testing (pencils, calculators, etc.). Be seated, prepared and relaxed before the scheduled start time. Think about the post-exam reward you promised yourself for a moment. While waiting for the test to begin…envision yourself testing with confidence.

10 During the Test Read all the instructions carefully and scan the entire test if allowed. Don’t dwell on questions, but don’t rush; plan and pace yourself. Keep a record of the questions you wish to review if time allows. If you are distracted, remember your practice and know that you can redirect your focus. If the time is running out, focus on the questions you feel you have the best chance of answering correctly and those Keep a record questions you wish to review if time allows. that carry the most weight. Look over the test when finished. Check for completion and spend the remaining time on the questions you marked for review.

11 After the Test Remember to reward yourself after the test. Don’t discuss the test questions or answers with others. If you did well, review your preparation routine and make sure you repeat the process. If you didn’t do well, review your procedures to see what didn’t work and make a plan for change on remaining exams. Remember, you have control over how well you prepare!

12 Extra Tips for Test Anxiety For students dealing with test anxiety, the following tips may be particularly important: Planning is critical. Use the calendar suggested earlier to schedule study sessions. Maintain a routine that includes proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. Review the final exam schedule and clearly understand the time and day to expect each exam. When possible, visit the location where each exam will be administered. Practice “testing” in a situation similar to the exam. Choose a quite place, a practice/study activity, and picture yourself in the actual exam room at the designated time. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, seated stretching and positive self-talk. Gain confidence by practicing these techniques during study sessions, quizzes and chapter tests. Be sure all plans are in place to be prepared and on time for each exam. Do not compare yourself with others. Remember that your goal is to do your personal best!

13 “Final” Thoughts If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to stop by the Counseling Center during your free period (after lab), during lunch, or after school. If my door is open, come on in! If I’m unavailable, or if you prefer a scheduled time, you can use the appointment calendar on main counter.

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