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2 Ms. Finch’s Classroom Policies and Procedures  We will discuss the following today:  Classroom expectations  Attendance  Absent Work  Tutorials  Grading Policy  Skyward  Tardy Policy  Cell Phones  Food / Drinks  Supplies  “Down Time”  Consequences

3 Classroom Expectations  I expect you to be here and be on time.  Remember, you are in a classroom; therefore, we will remain focused on instruction and learning from bell-to-bell.  I expect you to be an active listener and courteous participant – raise your hand to be recognized.  Do not ask me to go to the bathroom unless it is an emergency.  I will respect you – always. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated.

4 Attendance  The attendance sheet is an OFFICIAL document.  It is your responsibility to sign the attendance sheet everyday.  If you arrive tardy, make sure you sign the attendance sheet before you leave class.  Your signature takes the guess work out of attendance.  Have you ever been marked absent when you weren’t? I’m human; It happens, but I will have a record and can easily correct a mistake.

5 Absent Work  If you have missed a class, you are responsible for getting the work you missed.  You are required to come see me before or after school to get absent work.  Do not ask me before, after, or during class: “What did I miss yesterday?”  You have one day for everyday missed to complete absent work.  Absent work can be found in the binder for your class (English I or PAP English II).

6 Tutorials  My tutorial schedule will be posted on the door with specific days and times I will be available for you.  However, I am very flexible; if you need to see me at another time, just ask!  Posted Tutorial Schedule:  Mondays: 4:15 – 4:45  Tuesdays: 8:15 – 8:45 AND 4:15 – 4:45  Wednesdays: by appt. only  Thursdays: 8:15 – 8:45 AND 4:15 – 4:45  Friday: 8:15 – 8:45

7 Grading Policy  You will have a minimum of 6 daily grades and 3 test grades every six-weeks.  Your daily grade average and your test grade average will be averaged together to calculate your final grade for each six-weeks.  LATE work:  1 day late = -10  2 days late = -20  3 days late = -30  4+ days late = 0

8 Reteach / Retest / Redo Policy  In the event that you score below 70% on any major assignment: test, project, essay, etc., you must attend a mandatory academic tutorial within 5 days of grade notification.  Academic tutorial: We will work together to improve your understanding of the material or concepts covered in the major assignment.  You will then be given the opportunity to redo or retest to reach a minimum 80% mastery.  If you scored below 80, but above 70, I strongly suggest you come to an academic tutorial.

9 Skyward  I expect you to stay informed of your academic progress in this class as well as others.  You and your parents have access to my online gradebook at all times.  If you do not know your Skyward login or password, I can help you get those.

10 Tardy Policy  If you walk in late, you better walk in with a pass.  If you are tardy, sign the tardy log upon entering the classroom.  I adhere to the HHS tardy policy.  Upon your 3 rd tardy, you earn a referral and a day in I.S.S.  Make good choices; choose to be here on time!

11 Cell Phones  I believe in and promote the use of technology to aid learning!  However, I will not tolerate off-task behavior.  If I see your cell phone, it’s mine until 4:10.  I will work hard to make this class enjoyable and meaningful for you; when you text during class you are missing out and disrespecting our time together.  Habitual cell phone use will result in surrendering your phone everyday, Friday D-Halls, and parent phone calls.

12 Food and Drinks  You may bring a snack and/or a drink to my class.  I want you “here” in every sense of the word. If a snack or drink will help you concentrate in class, bring it.  Pick up behind yourself! It is not my job nor the custodians to pick up what you should have thrown away.  Food and drinks are a privilege in this classroom.  If you walk in late with food/drink, you permanently revoke your privilege.

13 Supplies  Be prepared everyday.  Bring your binder everyday.  Bring a pen or pencil everyday.  Bring your SSR book every Friday.  If you do not have what you need: paper, pen, etc., take care of it before the tardy bell. Paper, pens, pencils, can always be found in the same place.

14 “Down Time” ~ Don’t plan on it.  If you finish the day’s task with class time left, you will have 3 choices. You may:  Read your SSR book  Answer one of life’s big questions.  Work on homework for another class.  Just chillin’, socializing, sleeping, etc. will not be one of your choices if you finish your work early – so don’t rush it. Give your best effort – always!

15 Consequences  Verbal and/or written warning  Action Plan  Friday D-Hall 4:15-4:45  Parent phone call  Referral

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