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WRITING.  October 3rd  Sleep. Eat. Be prepared. 100 minutes to write.

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2  October 3rd  Sleep. Eat. Be prepared. 100 minutes to write

3 Persuasive Writing: Writing that has as its purpose convincing others to accept the writer’s position as valid, adopt a certain point of view, or take some action. Methods: Provides logical appeals, emotional appeals, facts, statistics, narrative anecdotes, humor, and/or the writer’s personal experiences and knowledge.

4 An effective persuasive composition... An effective persuasive composition composition is NOT : Clearly establishes a position on the issue and fully develops an argument with specific details and examples Formulaic writing or a repetitive, standard five paragraph formula that repeats the writer’s position and supporting reasons Defends the writer’s position with relevant evidence that is appropriate for the audience identified in the writing topic A list of irrelevant ideas or supporting ideas that are inappropriate for the audience identified in the writing topic Uses specific facts, personal experience and knowledge, and/or statistics to support the writer’s position A list of facts, a story, and/or personal anecdotes that are unrelated to the writer’s position Includes appeals to logic and/or emotionA chance for the writer to simply vent about a topic

5 Ideas2 x the sum of raters’ scores Organization1 x the sum of rater’s scores Style1 x the sum of the rater’s scores Conventions1 x the sum of the raters’ scores

6  Read your assigned topic on the Writing Topic Page and review the Writing Checklist. Use the Planning/Prewriting Pages for your notes, jot list, or outline. Organize your major supporting details before writing.

7 Writing Situation Many public school systems across the country require students to wear uniforms. Some educators believe that wearing uniforms will help students concentrate more on their school work. On the other hand, some students argue that having to wear uniforms prevents them from expressing their individuality. Your principal is considering whether students at your school should wear uniforms. Directions for Writing Write a letter to your principal expressing your view on school uniforms. Provide convincing reasons and specific examples to support your position.

8 The Writing Situation gives the background for the writing assignment. The first sentence of the Writing Situation introduces the general topic. The remaining sentences in the Writing Situation help the writers think about different aspects of the topic, realize that they do know enough about the topic to write and then to focus their individual responses  The Directions for Writing tell what the students are supposed to do for the writing assessment.  The first sentence of the Directions for Writing provides the students with a format for writing and gives the students an identifiable audience.  The final sentence of the Directions for Writing reminds the students to give many specific examples and ideas to elaborate their supporting ideas.

9 PART 2: DRAFTING (35 MINUTES) EVIDENCE & SUPPORT Using your prewriting notes, write a first draft of your paper on the Drafting Sheet. Concentrate on getting your ideas down on paper in a logical order.  You must use evidence/support for your position. This is the most important element!  You may use personal experiences and write in first person.  However, limit your number of examples-don’t jump from one to another to another. Try to use longer more continuous examples or limit yourself. Too many makes your writing sound immature.

10 PART 3: REVISING AND EDITING (25 MINUTES) PART 4: FINAL DRAFT (20 MINUTES) Carefully reread what you have written to see if your ideas are clear and fully developed. Consider any changes that would make your paper better. Rewrite your paper on pages 3 and 4 of the Answer Document. When you rewrite, make certain that you use a blue or black pen and write neatly. You may either print or write in cursive. Do not use pages 1 and 2 of the Answer Document for your writing. Only what is written on pages 3 and 4 of the Answer Document will be scored. Part 5: Proofreading (5 minutes) When you finish writing your final draft, make any needed corrections on your paper. You may strike through words, but do so neatly. Do not use correction Fluid.

11  You must pass all portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests or an equivalent EOCT to be eligible to graduate and participate in graduation ceremonies.  Keep your eyes on the prize! FIRST CLASS CLASS OF 2014


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