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Population A Closer Look.

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1 Population A Closer Look

2 Population Equation r = (b-d)+(I-e) Birth rate Death rate Immigration
Emigration The growth rate (r) is expressed in a percentage

3 Reproductive strategies
r-selected k-selected Maturation Short Long Body Size Small Large Lifespan # offspring/event Many Few Age of reproduction Early Late # birth events/life 1 >1 Parental care none Yes

4 Survivorship Curves

5 Human Population A Look at the Human Race

6 Rich Nations/Poor Nations
Different Worlds Rich Nations/Poor Nations 3 main economic categories in 2 classes Developed countries - high income, highly developed, industrialized countries(US, Canada, Japan, E. Asia, Western Europe)

7 Developing countries Middle income, moderately developed- Latin America, West Africa, E. Asia, E, Europe, Former USSR, Brazil Low income countries - E. Central Africa, India, Central Asia, Ethiopia

8 General Pyramid structures
21%of the population is in developed countries. They control 80% of the world’s wealth General Pyramid structures

9 The population pyramid displays the age
POPULATION STRUCTURE The population pyramid displays the age and sex structure of a country or given area OLD DEPENDANTS ECONOMICALLY ACTIVE YOUNG DEPENDANTS Population in Five Year Age bands FEMALES To the right MALES To the left Usually, but not always, In % to make for easier comparisons between countries

10 What Population Pyramids Show Us
KEY Economically More Developed Country Economically Less Developed Country slope of pyramid indicate the death rate width of the base is related to birth rate/fertility rate proportions of men and women can suggest male or female migrations height of graph can indicate life expectancy (ignore the very thin end of the wedge as occurs on graph B as these people are a definite minority) "kinks" indicate dramatic reductions in birth rate or increases in death rate in the past area of graph indicates total population - compare areas of different population age groups or different sex on one graph The overall shape of the population pyramid can indicate whether it is an Economically More Developed Country or Economically Less Developed Country


12 Population Pyramids related to the Demographic Transition Model
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 IMPLICATIONS Both birth rates and Death rates are High, so population growth rates are slow but population Is usually restored Due to high birth Rate. Short life Expectancy EXAMPLES Population starts to grow at an exponential rate due to fall in Crude Death Rate. More living In middle age. Life expectancy rises Infant mortality rate falls. EXAMPLES Population continues to grow but at slower rate. Low C Death Rate. Dramatically declining Crude Birth Rate. EXAMPLES Low Crude Birth Rate and Crude Death Rate Higher dependancy ratio and longer life expectancy Crude Death Rate does Rise slightly because of The ageing population EXAMPLES Japan, USA Republic of Congo New Guinea Algeria, Tunisia Morocco There is some merit in including or considering a Stage 5 today with a declining population

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