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Leddy Library Leddy Library Main Building - BOOKS circulation desk; reference desk; Academic Data Centre; Archives; Media Centre;

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1 Leddy Library

2 Leddy Library Main Building - BOOKS circulation desk; reference desk; Academic Data Centre; Archives; Media Centre; government documents West Building - PRINT JOURNALS Curriculum Resource Centre

3 Research Help Reference Help Desk is on the main floor of the Main Building of the Leddy Library Can contact the Reference Desk by telephone at: 519-253-3000, ext. 3190 or ext. 3209 Online Chat with a Librarian service – see link on Leddy Library’s Home Page

4 Sharon’s office hours – Social Work Learning Centre As of mid October, I will be coming over to the Social Work Learning Centre on Fridays from 12 noon to 1 p.m..

5 Library Tours Library tours will take place in October - see Leddy Library’s Home Page for days and times Tours start in the Leddy Library lobby and last 15-20 minutes

6 Library Card Your student card (UwinCARD) is your library card and the card that you use for printing and photocopying in the library You need to activate your card in order to have offsite access to any of the Leddy Library’s electronic resources You can activate your card at the circulation desk in the library or by telephone at ext. 3402

7 Campus Copyright Photocopying and scanning from copyrighted works MUST be limited to what is allowed under the Copyright Act of Canada For more information go to: Campus Copyright Information Fair Dealing Policy

8 Your 24-hour library 24-hour access off-site to the library catalogue (Conifer) and electronic resources Starting in September, the Leddy Library is open until 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday

9 What if the Leddy Library doesn’t have the journal or book? If the Leddy Library doesn’t have the book or journal article that you need, you can send in an interlibrary loan request via the link Order From Other Libraries on the Leddy Library’s home pageOrder From Other Libraries

10 Interlibrary Loan – Leddy Library You need to set up an account with the Leddy Library’s Interlibrary Loan Office in order to use interlibrary loan services Just click on Create your account on the Interlibrary Loan web page. Interlibrary Loan

11 Borrowing from other libraries Most Canadian university libraries have agreed to extend in- person borrowing privileges to students across the country You need a valid university identification card – your UwinCARD Reciprocal borrowing privileges are determined by each library, so loan periods may be shorter and some library materials (e.g., journals, videos and books on course reserve) may not be available for loan. For more information click on Borrowing from other libraries in CanadaBorrowing from other libraries in Canada

12 Academic Data Centre Located on the main floor of the Main Building of the library Academic Data Centre can help faculty, staff and students at the University of Windsor find and use statistical data Data librarian is Kristi Thompson, ext. 3858 E-mail address:

13 Academic Data Centre web pages The Academic Data Centre also has web pages that give access to a wide range of online resources for statistics and data, including a guide for Social Work statistics Academic Data Centre Social Work Statistics

14 Leddy Library’s Home Page The Leddy Library’s Home Page gives you access to a wide range of resources and servicesLeddy Library’s Home Page Please note that the library’s Home Page has recently changed The following is a screen shot of the library’s Home Page with several key areas identified




18 Leddy Library Social Work Research Guide Social Work Research Guide Includes links to reference materials, databases, electronic books, statistical resources, government information, relevant websites and more…

19 Leddy Library Research Methods in Social Work guide Research Methods in Social Work guide Contains tips for using library resources effectively, including search tips for databases such as Social Work Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts etc..

20 Research help The Leddy Library has several online tutorials that can help you to find library materials. Just click on Research Help on the Leddy Library’s Home PageResearch Help

21 Writing help The Leddy Library has a web page that can give you access to citation style guides, resources for help with writing, and tools that can help you to manage references Just click on Writing Help on the Leddy Library’s Home PageWriting Help

22 Looking for books on your topic… Use the Library Catalogue (Conifer)Library Catalogue The Leddy Library also subscribes to several electronic book collections electronic book collections NOTE: not all of our e-books are in the library catalogue yet, so don’t forget to search in the individual e-book collections as well as in the library catalogue

23 Leddy Library catalogue Advanced Search The Advanced Search option for the library catalogue gives you a variety of additional options, such as the ability to put limits on your search, including publication year limits Use the “contains phrase” option to search for something as a phrase – e.g., social work


25 Leddy Library catalogue Search Results When you get your list of search results, check to see if any of the items on your list are electronic resources and if they are, just click on the link to bring those materials up online Click on the title of any of the items on your search result list to bring up the full record for that item. This will give you more information about the item and give you access to special features e.g., Shelf Browser




29 How to find journal articles… Define your topic – list key words or phrases that reflect your topic Choose the appropriate databases or print periodical indexes – e.g., peer reviewed journal articles - Social Services Abstracts, Social Work Abstracts; newspaper articles – Canadian Newsstand Search the databases or indexes

30 Search Question Who are social workers and what do they do? Social workidentity Social workerdefinition Social workersvocation » careers

31 Boolean Logic AND requires all terms to appear in a record: social work and careers OR retrieves records with any or all of the words: social work or careers NOT excludes terms: social work not careers

32 Truncation When you truncate a word, the database will take the root of that word and look for all variations The truncation symbol is an asterisk (*) for most databases, but some databases use a different symbol. Can use truncation with keyword searches NOT subject heading searches

33 Truncation Example: social work* and career social work* - database will look for social work, social worker, social workers

34 Truncation Truncation can also be useful for spelling variations: behav* - database will look for behave, behaving, behavior, behaviour, behavioral, behavioural etc. canad* - canada, canadian, canadians

35 Truncation NOTE: some words/phrases can’t be truncated because you will include other words/phrases that you don’t want – for example: social polic* As well as retrieving references that contain the phrases – social policy and social policies, you will also collect references pertaining to social policing

36 Truncation symbol The truncation symbol for most of our databases is an asterisk (*) If you’re uncertain of the correct symbol to use, just click on the Help button for whatever database you’re using and look up truncation.

37 Poor search results? Evaluate your search statements – good vocabulary? Did you use appropriate databases for your searches? Did you make good use of limit options and other database features that might help to focus your searches?

38 Any questions? Sharon Munro Social Work Librarian Ext. 3850

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