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College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® ) College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® ) CLEP: What Every Test Administrator Needs to Know.

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1 College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® ) College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® ) CLEP: What Every Test Administrator Needs to Know

2 About the CLEP Exams Structure  33 computer-based exams (not adaptive).  Mostly multiple-choice, essays, and listening sections for foreign languages.  Most are approximately 90 minutes in length; College Composition exam is 120 minutes Scoring  “Rights-only” scoring (no penalty for wrong answers).  Immediate score reports (except College Composition).  American Council on Education (ACE)-recommended credit-granting score for all exams is 50 (equivalent to a “C”); exams are scored on a scale of 20–80  6-month retest policy; appeals process available

3 CLEP Transcripts Candidates may select one institution to receive score report at the time of the test. Student selects the state, then the name of college. If the college is not listed, student must complete Score Report Request form before leaving testing room. Students must pay $20 to order an additional transcript (transcripts include all exam scores unless student suppresses). Service members’ scores are automatically sent to all service branches, DANTES, and CCAF. Electronic score reporting is available – SIGN UP!

4 CLEP Fees Exam fee: $77, payable online with a credit card or check CLEP exams are free for eligible military service members and spouses: Military veterans can seek reimbursement for the exam and fees from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: Test center administration fee: Each test center sets its own fee. Optional essays: $10 per essay Essays are available for English Lit, American Lit, Analyzing & Interpreting Lit, and College Composition Modular. Free for eligible service members and spouses.

5 Test Center Staff Roles There are two administration levels: 1.Master Site Administrator (MSA) Must be an employee of the college and have a bachelor’s degree. Must review CLEP Security Checklist and enforce all security requirements. 2.Administrator Must not be enrolled in an undergraduate course.

6 Master Site Administrator (MSA) Responsibilities and Functions Manages the test center. Hires and trains staff to administer CLEP exams. Sets volume administration goals. Ensures that the End of Day procedure is completed after testing and turns off/on TDMS Server to apply exam updates. Stays abreast of all CLEP policies. Ensures that current policies are reflected in catalogs, Web site, etc. Informs CLEP Services of change in staff, address, phone number, email. Knows where the CLEP software is stored. Enforces all security requirements; completes security compliance checklist annually. Assigns access to CLEP software for test center personnel

7 Test Administrator Functions Register students up to 30 days ahead – recommend using registration form. Check in candidates: Collect exam fees from civilians, if paying by check or money order. Return checks or money orders for test fees to CLEP, along with attendance reports, in the envelopes provided. Ensure that candidates sign in and sign out of the test center. Check two forms of ID before admitting candidates into testing room. Inform candidates of prohibited items in the test room. Distribute and collect scratch paper from candidates. Provide candidates’ score reports before they leave test center. Perform “End of Day” procedure upon completion of testing. Observe candidates at all times to ensure students are not copying, recording, or photographing test questions.

8 Proctoring Requirements Provide a clear glass viewing window or wall, video surveillance and audio monitor, or seating for a test administrator within the testing room. Whichever surveillance method is used, it must allow a continuous unobstructed view of each candidate within the testing room. If video and audio monitoring is used, a staff member must periodically walk through the testing room in at least 10 minute intervals, and must be able to respond to enter the room within 10 seconds of a problem.

9 Accommodating Candidates with Disabilities Documentation requirements: (must be no more than 5 years old) Individual Education Plan (IEP) on file where enrolled Certification from licensed health care professional Software accommodations include: Extended time – 1.5x or 2x ZoomText Adjustable screen colors Testing breaks - Press CTRL+SHIFT+? keys simultaneously

10 Training for New Administrators New administrators should practice using the CLEP software. Enter the word Test in the First Name and Last Name fields on the Administrative Workstation. Select Voucher as the payment method and use TS000 as the voucher number. Select the exam “CLEP Demo” from the alphabetical dropdown menu on the next page.

11 CLEP Resource Center Username: clepadmin2 Password: CLEPmsa22# Download the latest Administrators’ Handbook and the CLEP Security Compliance Checklist. Update your contact information. Order remittance and postage-paid return envelopes. Take the CLEP Test Center Administrator Training Course. Order Volume and Summary Reports.

12 CLEP Contacts CLEP Services (transcripts, retesting, payments) Phone (800) 257-9558 or (609) 771-7865 Fax (610) 628-3726 Technical Support - Call if you have software-related issues during installation and test administration (8 am – 8 pm EST) Phone(800) 241-5357 or (609) 406-5620 Fax(610) 628-3719

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