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1 Arizona Grade 8 Science Online Field Test Test Administrator Training March 23 – April 2, 2007.

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1 1 Arizona Grade 8 Science Online Field Test Test Administrator Training March 23 – April 2, 2007

2 2 Agenda Field Test Overview eMeasurement Services Overview Arizona eTest Website Demonstration –Training Center –AIMS Online Testing Center –Student management –Session management –Security (User Accounts) Getting Ready to Test Q&A

3 3 Field Test Overview AIMS Grade 8 Science Multiple choice items Administered in a single sitting Untimed test (approximately one hour estimated time to complete) Policies mirror those of paper-based AIMS tests

4 4 eMeasurement Services Overview

5 5 eMeasurement Overview Two primary components: 1.Administrative web site Used by District Assessment Coordinators, School Assessment Coordinators, Test Monitors, Technology Coordinators. –Manage Student Data –Administer Test Sessions –Access testing related resources 2.TestNav-Test Delivery Software Software used by students to take tests Java-based client that looks like a browser Installed on server or each workstation

6 6 Arizona eTest Site Tour

7 7 Arizona eTest Homepage

8 8 Training Center Used to: –Train staff –Practice administering test sessions –Check technology Same functionality as AIMS Online Testing Center Separate from the live test administration data Generic student records have been loaded for each school

9 9 Training Center Arizona/AIMStrng/index.htm

10 10 AIMS Online Testing Center Live test administration site Used for: –Student data management –Session management Live student data loaded for each school Sessions can be set up beginning April 9

11 11 AIMS Online Testing Center Arizona/AIMS/index.htm

12 12 Administrative Functions

13 13 Student Data

14 14 Student Management Common Tasks View student roster Add new students Organize students into groups

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18 18

19 19 Session Management

20 20 Session Management Common Tasks Create test sessions Assign students to a test session View/maintain test sessions Print student authorization tickets Proctor Cache test content Monitor student status during testing Mark student tests completed (if needed) Stop test sessions when all students have finished testing

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22 22

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25 25 Student Test Authorization Ticket One page for each student Provides student’s log in information –Log in ID –Test code Note: No password is required for Arizona tests. Provides URL for TestNav Secure document –Students may write on the authorization ticket during the test. –Collect from students and destroy after testing is completed.

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29 29 Monitoring Student Status in Session Management Not Started Started: student is currently testing Stopped: student has completed the test and submitted answers Exited: student exited TestNav without submitting answers Resume: student is ready to re-start test Resume with File: student is ready to re-start after interruption

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31 31

32 32

33 33 TestNav

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36 36 Security

37 37 User Accounts Will be created by PEM upon request. Training Site and Testing Center require separate user accounts. Accounts should be requested for the following roles: –District Test Coordinators –School Test Coordinators –Technology Coordinators –Test Administrators –Other Administrative Personnel Requiring Access Required information for each user account: –First name, last name, title/role, organizational access needed (district level vs school level), organization name, phone, email address

38 38 Getting Ready to Test

39 39 Administration Checklist Review Infrastructure Guidelines and 96-hour checklist with technology coordinator. Proctor caching is recommended. Discuss with technology coordinator who will cache test before testing begins. Enhanced Early Warning is recommended. It is configured when TestNav is installed. Discuss with technology coordinator. Request user accounts from PEM. Assign computers for all testing sessions and ensure TestNav has been installed. Set up test sessions in AIMS Online Testing Center.

40 40 The Day of Testing Proctor Cache the tests. Print the authorization tickets. (This can be done ahead of time. Printed tickets should be treated as secure materials.) Start the test sessions.

41 41 Important Upcoming Dates Now: Training site is open with a basic training test and generic student data March 30: AIMS sample tests available on training site April 9: Session setup can begin on live administration testing site April 13 – 20: Testing window

42 42 Pearson Help Desk Hours: 6:00 am – 7:30 pm (CT) 1-888-597-1103 OR Administrative Questions/ User Account Requests

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