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Business Owners and Managers and the Fire Code

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1 Business Owners and Managers and the Fire Code


3 2012 U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,375,000 fires. These fires resulted in 2,855 civilian fire fatalities, 16,500 civilian fire injuries and an estimated $12,427,000,000 in direct property loss. There was a civilian fire death every 3 hours and 4 minutes and a civilian fire injury every 32 minutes in Home fires caused 2,380, or 83%, of the civilian fire deaths. -

4 Prevention & Code Enforcement

5 Purpose of Fire Inspections
The purpose of fire inspections is to determine if a building or sites… Meet the requirements of the applicable codes Provide a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion, or other dangerous conditions Provide a reasonable level of safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during an emergency Preplanning for emergency responders

6 2012 International Fire Code
Section Right of Entry. …The fire code official shall have the authority to enter the building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect or to perform the duties imposed upon the fire code official by this code…

7 What are we looking for? Exits Fire Extinguishers
Fire Protection Equipment Flammable Material Storage Heating Electrical

8 EXITS Exit Doors that are not blocked
Exits that do not need a key or special knowledge Exit signs Illuminated Clearly indicate egress Emergency lighting

9 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Mounted on the wall or in a cabinet Unobstructed
Proper Type and Rating Inspected annually

10 Fire Protection Equipment
Access to Stand Pipes and fire protection equipment must be clear. Wrench and Spare Heads Sprinklers inspected annually Hood and Spray Booths inspected 6 months Fire department connection equipped with caps. Alarm systems need to be inspected yearly Is there a Lock Box?

11 FLAMMABLE MATERIAL Stored Properly Used and Dispensed Properly
Approved Spray Booths (UL Listed)

12 STORAGE Storage maintained 18 inches below sprinkler heads.
Storage a minimum of 30” width X 36” depth X 78” height from electrical panels No combustible storage in electrical, mechanical and boiler rooms

Clearance from combustible material must be maintained as per the product listing Portable Heaters must have a 36 inch clearance from any combustible material. Extension Cords must not be used as permanent wiring Protective covers need to be in place Multi plug adapters must be of approved type and used in an approved manner Electrical Control Panels and rooms must be properly marked to indicate purpose




17 What if ??


19 Emergency Planning Plan to stay in business Talk to your people
Continuity Planning Emergency Planning for Employees Emergency Supplies Talk to your people Practice the Plan Promote Family and Individual Preparedness Write a Communication Plan Protect your investment Review Insurance Coverages Prepare for Utility Disruptions Secure Facilities, Buildings and Plants

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21 Questions?

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