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A Revolution for Oklahoma

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1 A Revolution for Oklahoma A Revolution for Oklahoma Presented by: Jon Eller, Tami Decker, DeAnna Smith Workforce Services Division Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

2 History In her 2012 State of the State address, Governor Mary Fallin announced a new initiative aimed at matching job seekers and students with employers. is a joint project of the workforce system partners in the State of Oklahoma. The project is led by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

3 History The project is funded by U.S. Department of Labor grants. is part of the “game-changers” proposed by the Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development (GCWED) to be championed by the Governor.

4 History This initiative helps meet the following goals identified by the GCWED: Improve the outcome of Oklahoma skill development systems through the use of online databases that will improve efficiency and measure effectiveness. Deepen public-private partnerships to improve the match between employer demanded skills and the skills of job applicants.

5 Four New Tools Oklahoma’s Workforce Focus/Career Focus/Talent
For Job Seekers Focus/Talent For Employers Labor/ Insight For Workforce Partners Four New Tools Focus/Assist For Staff

6 Job Seeker Module

7 Job Seeker Module Job seekers need: A comprehensive job search tool
A way to match their skills with available jobs Assistance building a resume

8 Job Seeker Module helps job seekers:
Build or improve their resumes – no writing required Automatically match their skills and other qualifications to relevant jobs Access jobs from thousands of sources

9 Job Seeker Module Understand the skills, certifications, and other credentials needed to qualify for jobs Identify and articulate transferable skills Explore next steps in their careers based on successful transitions made by similar people

10 Job Seeker Module Key features include: Resume Builder Resume Makeover
Job Match Job Search Job Spidering Deduplication Job Alerts Get Feedback

11 Job Seeker Module Resume Builder:
This feature helps build a complete, detailed resume. Writing is not required; instead, the system builds the resume by “interviewing” you online. Skills and job functions are described using the keywords and phrases that employers include in their job descriptions.

12 Job Seeker Module Resume Makeover:
Job seekers have the option to upload or paste an existing resume. uses its knowledge of jobs and occupations to suggest skills and other qualifications job seekers might have forgotten to include.

13 Job Seeker Module Job Match:
After a job seeker has created or uploaded a resume, the system automatically finds real-time job postings that match the skills and other qualifications described in the resume. Results can be fine-tuned by specifying location, posting date, keywords, and other criteria.

14 Job Seeker Module Job Search:
Job seekers can search real-time job postings by specifying location, posting date, keywords, occupation, industry, education, and salary, with or without resume matching. Search criteria can be saved, enabling job seekers to update search results whenever desired.

15 Job Seeker Module Job Spidering:
Every day, Burning Glass collects millions of online job postings from more than 17,000 sources. The system uses patented technology to mine and code detailed data from each job listing to provide information beyond just occupation and industry codes.

16 Job Seeker Module Deduplication of Job Postings:
Removing duplicate jobs from the database is the only way to realize accurate job counts. Burning Glass removes more than 75% of the jobs it collects – but some duplicates still get through.

17 Job Seeker Module Job Alerts: can automatically run a saved search and sends the results to a specified address, even after job seekers sign out of the system. This means that you can be notified of highly relevant leads as soon as they become available.

18 Job Seeker Module Get Feedback:
This feature provides job seekers with feedback by displaying the qualifications of real people who were hired for the kind of jobs they are pursuing. This enables job seekers to compare their qualifications with others and to identify any gaps that might exist.








26 123 N. Fairview Avenue, Oklahoma City, Ok 73105
James Smith 123 N. Fairview Avenue, Oklahoma City, Ok 73105 (405)


28 Employer Module

29 Employer Module Employers need: People with the right skills
An easy way to recruit qualified candidates An efficient method of filling positions

30 Employer Module helps employers:
Determine which candidates make sense for the jobs they have open Fill key openings more rapidly Identify employee skill gaps relative to the business’s current needs

31 Employer Module Analyze past placements to determine where the most successful candidates come from Determine where qualified candidates are located within the state Reduce recruitment costs

32 Employer Module Key features include: Job Posting Creation
Application Management Talent Search

33 Employer Module Job Posting Creation:
Employers can upload, improve, or create a job posting. Employers can create a posting by answering questions about typical work activities of similar jobs and to enhance the description by adding related keywords or copying text from current job listings.

34 Employer Module Application Management:
Our solutions analyze every resume received in minute detail, evaluating a candidate’s qualifications, skill gaps, and likely career path, and then banking the information in a central database. This helps employers decide which candidates are best aligned for the jobs they need to fill.

35 Employer Module Talent Search:
Employers can search for relevant talent from the Oklahoma talent Bank. The system provides automated pattern-based matching, the ability to find more resumes like a selected one, and a robust set of structured search capabilities.













48 Focus/assist

49 Focus/Assist Staff need:
Methods to identify job seekers with the right skills An easy way to locate and match qualified candidates to jobs An efficient method of filling positions for employers








57 labor/insight

58 Workforce partners need to know:
Labor/Insight Workforce partners need to know: Where to invest training dollars Hot new industries in the state What skill gaps need to be filled What certifications are in demand

59 Labor/Insight helps public workforce partners:
Gain insight on emerging jobs, careers, technologies, and skill requirements Identify the most promising career paths and reemployment options Highlight regional and local skill gaps

60 Labor/Insight Key features include:
Easy-to-read graphical representations Real-time labor market information Customizable reports

61 Labor/Insight Easy-to-Read Graphical Representations:
Labor/Insight is intuitive and easy to use. Data is presented graphically on screen and can also be downloaded to Excel. It’s a leading edge tool for workforce developers, economic developers, policy makers, and higher education.

62 Labor/Insight Real-Time Labor Market Information:
Labor/Insight provides an up-to-the minute understanding of conditions and trends affecting a volatile labor market. It also gives access to an expanding set of historical data, which gives insight into trends within specific occupations, industries, regions, or employers.

63 Labor/Insight Customizable Reports:
Users have the ability to create customizable and filterable reports: Demand for an occupation Demand for skills and credentials Analysis of an industry Employers hiring in a selected region







70 Questions? For more information on the capabilities of with any of the modules/tools, please

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