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Cover Letters Saskatchewan Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Career and Employment Services.

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1 Cover Letters Saskatchewan Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Career and Employment Services

2 What is a Cover Letter A cover letter is to introduce yourself and get an employer to read your resume This personalizes your application Opportunity to expand on information provided in the resume

3 Tips on Cover Letters Keep it simple Make sure it is typed unless an employer specifically asks for a hand-written letter Spell check, check for grammar errors, and proofread for sense Sign the letter in ink

4 Contents of a Cover Letter A cover letter is generally one page long consisting of: Opening address Three paragraphs Your signature

5 Opening Address Direct the letter to the person and address you want to receive it (double check the spelling) If name is unknown contact the organization to find out If name is unavailable, the salutation should be Dear Sir or Madame:

6 First Paragraph Indicate the position you are applying for, competition number or department, or any other relevant information Identify where you heard about the job, in the newspaper, on the internet, bulletin board, from an individual

7 Second Paragraph Explain why you are suited for the job Emphasize your skills and abilities that may be applicable for the position for which you are applying Make reference to your resume at this time

8 Third Paragraph State that you are interested in meeting with the employer for an interview Arrange for a follow up including when and where you can be reached Always thank the interviewer for considering your application

9 Additional Information If you have the job advertisement make sure that all the skills and abilities mentioned in the ad are in your cover letter, you may be screened out if you don’t Never lie on your resume or cover letter Make sure you write your resume and use language you are familiar with

10 Resume Checklist Page 27 of the Job Search Handbook If you need assistance the Can-Sask Office can also assist you in wording, finding job descriptions, proofreading, and to be that second or third opinion

11 Job Search Let friends and family know that you are looking for work Canvass businesses about unadvertised jobs (I prefer in person) Look in newspapers, window advertisements, and the internet for potential job opportunities Can-Sask does have a resume posting site, it does go across Canada so you may want to stipulate your location preferences

12 The Interview You will have two main purposes when you go for your interview Convince the employer that you are the right person for the job Gather information about the position, responsibilities, and about the organization

13 Interview Tips Go alone Arrive early Turn off cell phones Smile, shake hands, address person by name Sit up straight, be alert, and make eye contact Listen carefully Collect your thoughts and then respond to questions Respond with brief and direct answers Be honest

14 Interview Don’ts Chew gum or smoke Complain about present or former jobs Ramble and give lengthy answers Be apologetic or desperate Be critical of others Be late

15 Preparing for the Interview Research the Position What are the skills required? What tasks and activities are involved? What are the hours? What is the dress code? What are the expectations? (eg travel)

16 Research the Company or Organization Learn as much as you can about the company or organization. You want to research: Location, ownership, its services, any marketing, check for a web site

17 Interview Questions Prepare Possible Question Think and write out possible question Anticipate some questions you may find difficult to answer Decide how you will answer them and rehearse

18 Possible Interview Question Examples on page 44, 45, and 46 of the Job Search Handbook Other questions they may ask are situation questions (Tell me a time when you had conflict with a co-worker, what happened, and how was it resolved?) What would you do if an irate client came into your office?

19 You may want to prepare a list of question for them What are the working hours? Is travel involved with this job? Is this a permanent or temporary job? Do you have a job description I could have? Does the company have health benefits and pension plan available to employees?

20 When Leaving Interview Always thank the employer for their time and interest when the interview is over Plan a follow-up if they do not give you a date that they will call you Your posture and body language arriving and leaving is noticed, walk tall

21 When you have Left Make notes of what was good and what you could do better Helpful checklist on page 50 of the Job Search Handbook

22 The Can-Sask Office Located at 350 Cheadle Street West (E. I. Wood Building) Thank you for having me

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