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Welcome to the Learning Community 2015 Roll out webinar Hosted by the Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research The webinar will begin shortly.

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1 Welcome to the Learning Community 2015 Roll out webinar Hosted by the Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research The webinar will begin shortly. Thank you for your patience. For audio access, please call 1-800-244-9194, then enter code: 990024# For any technical difficulties, please call 585-732-4040 1

2 Welcome & Agenda What to expect in the 2015 Learning Community Trainings: Face to Face Online Meetings: Face to Face Online Webinars: Live Archived Performance Indicators What’s next? 2

3 Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC) Trainings Face to Face one day training in the CCFC model Training is a combination of didactic instruction and interactive practice of the model using practical tools and tips for practitioners and consumers Who will be trained? Programs new to the Learning Community New staff Staff who have not been trained for over 2 years 3

4 Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC) Trainings cont.. Trainings will be held.. Spring 2015: April- WNY region May-NYC region Fall 2015: September- LI region October- CNY & HR regions Watch for an email asking programs if they can offer to host a training in their region Need to have: Room for up to 30 people DVD/TV equipment 4

5 Distance-Based CCFC Training Online, interactive CCFC trainings for teams Target audience: New staff Programs new to the Learning Community Staff who have not been trained for over 2 years Structure: Three, 90-minute training sessions One week between each training session (e.g., 3 consecutive Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm) One, 60-minute follow-up meeting (2 weeks after series ends) Combination of didactic instruction and team based practice of skills (with large group debriefing) Designed to supplement (not replace) face-to-face training in CCFC 5

6 Distance-Based CCFC Training cont.. “ Next Steps” Plan is to offer the series 2-3 times throughout 2015 Programs will need to register staff Box of training manuals and materials will be sent to programs in advance of the trainings (*Note: these will not be PowerPoint training events) Watch for email invitation 6

7 Project Coordinator Meetings The purpose of the Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC) Project Coordinator’s Implementation & Sustainability Strategies meeting is to support program leaders and/or Quality Improvement Teams that are charged with implementing the CCFC model within your program. The format will be open discussions, suggestions and resources related to implementing and sustaining this model within your program. 7

8 Project Coordinator Meetings cont. There will be 4-half-day (9:00am -1:00pm) scheduled Project Coordinators meetings: ◊ Western New York ◊ Hudson River ◊ New York City ◊ Long Island All program leaders /OIT will be invited to attend the meeting in their region but can attend elsewhere if necessary The Family Institute will host in Western NY but we need hosting sites in the other 3 regions You will be receiving an email after this webinar to volunteer to host and all the other details. 8

9 Technical Assistance Online Meetings There will be 3- one-hour online meetings in 2015 * Summer * Early Fall * Late Fall The subject matter will come from the needs of the program staff in the Learning Community. We will try to invite experts on the requested subject matter to present, offer technical assistance and problem solve. There will be very little didactics. It will be an open discussion format and/or a question and answer session. 9

10 “Hot Family Topic” Webinar Series Webinar series focused on family topics around the newest programs (e.g., Home Community Based Services) Plan is to offer three, 90-minute webinar series There will be invited speakers from Office of Mental Health and/or Dept. of Mental Health who will share their expertise in the following topics: Family Involvement Tools for engagement First episode psychosis 10

11 Archived Module Series Videotaped / archived presentation of specific topics important to implementing CCFC and/or family services Target audience: All staff and programs in the Learning Community Structure: One, 20-25 minute presentation Slides and video Primarily consists of didactic instruction and/or practical tools for practitioners 30-minute telephone follow-up (voluntary) 2 weeks after the distribution of each module 11

12 Archived Module Series cont.. “Next Steps” Plan is to begin with offering 2 modules in 2015 (may offer more depending on feedback) No registration needed; modules will be sent to all in Learning Community Watch for 1 st module link and email in March/April 12

13 Why is collecting performance indicator data important? 13

14 New Data Submission Process – Performance Indicators We are changing the data submission process in an attempt to make it easier for programs We will no longer be using a webpage with login IDs and passwords to enter data but can still view data On the 15 th of every month, programs will receive an email containing a table with the performance indicators Programs are asked to REPLY to the email, and complete the box before sending back to Sherri Ladd Data submissions due by the 25 th of every month 14

15 New Data Submission Process (cont.) Please note that going forward that you will now receive an email like this that you will use to report your data each month. Sample email: Good morning Learning Community, This is a friendly reminder that your Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC) performance indicator data for last month (December) is due on January 25 th. The last day you will be able to do so is Friday, January 30 th. After this date, your data for last month will not be accepted. Also, if you are no longer the contact person for this agency, please let me know. Please reply to this email and complete the table below (i.e., send the completed table to me via email) by January 30 th. 15

16 What’s Next? The Family Institute will send out an email to survey the LC participants on the following: What programs need the face to face training on the CCFC model and how many staff? Who is willing to host a CCFC and dates? Dates for the Western NY Project Coordinator (PC) meeting? Who is willing to host the PC in the 3 regions (Hudson, NY & LI) and suggested dates? 16

17 What’s Next cont..? We have attached 3 PDF’s for you to download: The slides from this webinar The slides to assist you with the new Performance Indicator expectations The 2015 Learning Community Calendar 17

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