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Introduction to Proposal Writing Proposal Development Team Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) September 30, 2009.

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1 Introduction to Proposal Writing Proposal Development Team Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) September 30, 2009

2 Introductions Ann Gates, Associate Vice President for Research Flo Dick, Coordinator of Pre-Award Services Malu Picard-Ami, Proposal Development Specialist Claudine Riccillo, Associate Director ORSP Proposal Development Team

3 Workshop Topics Role of ORSP Life cycle of a grant Initial steps of proposal development

4 Overview of a Grant Cycle Identify opportunity Review guidelines Draft preliminary budget Prepare proposal Finalize budget Send proposal for review Address reviewers’ comments Submit proposal

5 Disclose proposal intentions and plan timeline for submission Know capabilities - (knowledge & time) Meet compliance requirements Disclose conflict-of-interest, if appropriate Write proposal responsive to agency’s mission & goals Obtain approvals through administrative process Notify ORSP of readiness to submit Role of the Principal Investigator Assist in finding & analyzing funding solicitations Assist with budget development – prepare budget forms Review, edit, and provide institutional data and writing assistance Provide final review and check solicitation requirements Prepare transmittal documents Submit the proposal Role of Sponsored Projects Roles and Responsibilities

6 Identifying Funding Opportunities Types of Funding Agencies Federal State Foundation Local

7 Identifying Funding Opportunities Quick Links > CSA Illumina Login > Administrative Tools > Try a Demonstration > Request a Trial CSA Illumina Login UsernamePassword  Athens LoginAthens Login COS Funding Opportunities Electronic Tools

8 Funding Searches Web pages to search for funding Community of Scholars Google Search Tips Search by key words Search by agency Search by categories

9 Activity: Identifying Funding Opportunities Log on to COS Use the wizard search function Open an opportunity and review the synopsis Log on to nt_opportunities.jsp nt_opportunities.jsp Select ‘Browse by Agency’ Select agency of interest – browse opportunities Sign up for e-mail alert Demo ORSP Funding Sources page d=58961 d=58961 Tasks Time Limit: 20 minutes

10 Networking and Establishing Collaborations Faculty and Staff Expertise Research Centers Technologies and Patents Research Facilities Equipment Laboratories and Research Groups Web-based Expertise Profile System provides information on: The Collaborative Partnership is search engine that allows individuals to find each other and build partnerships in pursuit of conducting research through inter-institutional searches FACULTY / STAFF LOGIN UsernamePassword [ Forgot Password ] [ Need More Help ] E-mail login allows editing access


12 Analyzing a Solicitation Does the solicitation request: Preliminary proposal? Letter of intent? Full proposal? Does the solicitation limit the number of submissions? What are the deadlines? What is the goal of the program? What is the funding level and funding period? Who is eligible to submit?

13 Activity: Analyzing a Solicitation Get into assigned groups Introduce yourselves and state your research interest Task Review the assigned solicitation Answer the questions to the right Answer the following: Eligibility?Funding level/period?Goals?Deadlines? Limitations on number of submissions? Preliminary proposal? Letter of Intent? Full proposal? Requirements? Time Limit: 15 minutes

14 Getting Started Read proposal preparation instructions Identify required sections and review criteria Determine if your work can provide an innovative or transformative approach to the solicitation Contact your program officer/manager to check fit Identify information/resources needed Write the proposal outline Review your outline with others to check correctness and completeness Considerations View proposal preparation as a process Create a checklist Create a timeline Determine amount of work needed and available time Perform a reality check Initial Steps of Proposal Preparation

15 Contacting Your Program Officer Volunteer for panels Arrange a visit every time you’re in the area Send e-mail to arrange a phone call –Be prepared to discuss the solicitation and fit –Ask questions about the solicitation that are not clear or not addressed in FAQ –Discuss new ideas to check if there is interest Have a one-page summary of ideas Make sure your topic is appropriate — discuss with a seasoned researcher a priori Your program officer wants to get to know you!

16 Activity: Developing an Initial Proposal Outline Find all guidelines and requirements in the solicitation and supporting documentation Identify the review criteria Create a preliminary outline using the guidelines and requirements Determine the sections in which the evaluation criteria should be addressed Tasks Time Limit: 20 minutes

17 Resources ORSP Development Team ORSP Research Administrators Administrators ORSP web pagepage Expertise SystemSystem

18 Reflection What did you learn today that was new? What elements of the workshop did you find the most relevant? What would you like to learn more about?

19 Proposal Development Team Contact Information Ann Gates Flo Dick Claudine Riccillo Malu Picard-Ami

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