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Warm-up Please take out notes from yesterday Start Day 3 Warm-up

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1 Warm-up Please take out notes from yesterday Start Day 3 Warm-up
You have 5 minutes of work time. After you are finished, write your homework down in your planners. Please work quietly. THANK YOU!!

2 Geography Lesson Objectives
Students will locate and label on a map the major oceans and continents.

3 Continents and Oceans The surface of the ______is made up of land and water. The large bodies of land are called ________. The continents are separated by _________. Earth Continents Oceans

4 AFRICA Has the largest ______, the Sahara
Contains the longest ______, the _____, which flows North. 2nd largest _______ Desert River, Nile Continent

5 Antarctica Is the ____ largest continent on Earth.
The only people that live here are scientists. The _________ Ocean surrounds all sides of the continent. Is covered mostly by _______. Has the _________ and windiest climate on the planet. 5th Southern/ Antarctic Ocean Ice Coldest

6 Asia Is the ________ continent, about 30% of the land
Has the ____________population of all the continents Contains 44 countries Borders Europe and Africa on the ______ Borders the _______ Ocean on the East and the ______ Ocean on the South. Largest Highest West Pacific, Indian

7 Australia Is the ________ continent, about 5% of the land mass
Has the smallest population Is made up of a ________ country, Australia. Smallest single

8 Europe Is only bigger than _________, takes up about 6% of the land mass The ________ Ocean is located to the West. The ____________ Sea is located to the South Australia Atlantic Mediterranean

9 Do Now What are the largest and smallest continents?
Which continent has the most people living on it? Which continents start with the letter A? Which ocean is between China and the US?

10 North America Is the ____ largest continent, about 16% of the land on earth Contains 23 countries including _______, Mexico & Central Mexico, & the United States of America Both the _______ Ocean and _______ Ocean border this continent. 3rd Canada Atlantic, Pacific

11 South America Is the ___ largest continent, about 12% of the land mass
Contains ___ countries Has some major natural landforms, the _______ River, Andes Mountains, and the rainforest 4th 12 Amazon

12 Oceans Cover ___ of the Earth’s surface.
Contain _____ of the Earth’s water supply. The ocean influence _______ and ______. ________ distribute heat energy around the globe. 70% 97% Weather, temperature Currents

13 Continents and Oceans Does warm or cold current move toward Europe from North America? Do cold currents flow in the Indian Ocean?

14 Summary Label the five oceans
Write a summary of what you learned today.

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