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1 PROVOST FORUM October 15, 2012

2 Fall 2012 Enrollment (15 day headcount) Fall 2011*Fall 2012*% Change CAS15621473(5.7%) CAHP594593(.2%) COB6736932.9% COE700648(7.4%) CC13911336(4.0%) Graduate616608(1.3%) Total52745081(3.75%) International150132**(12%) *15 th day official headcount **Lower enrollment is due to increased English competency requirements and no IELP during September 2012.

3 Academic Affairs Priorities Priority 1 - Hire a Dean of the College of Business (Semi-finalist selection on October 19 th ) Priority 1 - Begin preparations of the NWCCU Year 3 Report (Vice Provost Redinger will describe progress) Priority 1 - Continue Implementation of College!Now (Governor’s Office unveiling of new name on October 24 th ) Priority 1 - Work out Organizational Structures for areas reporting to Provost and launch searches (I will present drafts on later slides) Priority 1 - Finalize Futureu Strategic Plan (Team met last Friday to revise plan based on input) Priority 1 - Begin discussion of ASC instructors and courses (Task Force formed – first meeting on ____________)

4 Academic Affairs Priorities (continued) Priority 1 - Roll out PD funds and CARE grants (PD awarded and CARE proposals due November 4, 2012) Priority 1 - Work with Chancellor on time-critical issues Priority 1 - Work with Deans on College-related issues (Working on a solution for Graduate Studies Leadership) Priority 1 - Work with Academic Senate on issues raised (OCHE: 3-year degrees, Chancellor: reduce Gen Ed. from 37-30) Priority 1 - Work with CBA and VTEM on issues raised (Administrators/tenure track positions, overload pay) Priority 2 - Begin to sort out Academic Affairs priorities for 2012-13 based on the new strategic plan (This will be focus of next Provost Forum on 11-19-12)

5 NWCCU Year 3 Report ° Update on previous reported concerns ° Review Progress on Standard One : Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations ° Address Standard Two: Resources and Capacity ° Describe how the resources and capacity in Two can help your institution achieve One.

6 (Previous 2008 Report) Recommendation 2: Although the actions of the Board of Regents and President Cruzado to more clearly define intra-campus governance may be steps in the right direction, at this point there is nothing concretely proposed and nothing adopted (Standards 1.A.1, 6.A.4, 7.A.1). (2011 Report) Concern 1: Although some of the indicators measure the quantity of service provided, consideration should be given as to how often the services are used and their impact in order to gain more meaningful achievement indicators. (Standard 1.B.2) (2011 Report) Recommendation 1: Although the University has a clear mission statement that is published on their website and approved by the Board of Regents, there is no evidence to demonstrate that its mission statement is widely published and generally understood by its community. The evaluators recommend that the University document and provide evidence for how the University community is aware of the mission statement and understands it. (Standard 1.A.1) (2011 Report) Recommendation 2: The institution has listed numerous (over 50) indicators to assess core theme, however, they appear as lists of everything that could possibility be included as opposed to key, strategic indicators. In addition, there is no mention of establishing targets by which to gauge progress. The evaluators recommend that the University examine each indicator to determine its value for measuring progress toward goals and core themes, that it establish baseline data, and that it determine appropriate targets to measure progress. (Standard 1.B.2)

7 Academic Affairs Searches ° COB Dean (October 19 th, Pare down to phone list) ° Vice Provost (Academic Affairs?) (Dean Fishbaugh to Chair Search) ° Director Grants and Sponsored Programs (David McGinnis returning on January 1, 2013) ° Director of MSUB Extended Campus (Re-advertising) ° Director of eLearning (with IT) (Not yet started) ° Executive Director of International Studies (Dean Khaleel and Tracy Mouser to Co-Chair Search)

8 Director of Libraries Chief Technology Officer Director of MSUB Extended Campus GSP Coordinator Director for eLearning Council on Assessment & Accreditation Director Grants and Sponsored Programs Manager MSUB Downtown Institutional Research Director University Honors Program PI’s & Ctr. Directors Chancellor Provost Budget Director Admin. Assistant Executive Director International Studies Dean College of Business Dean College of Education Dean College of Allied Health Professions Dean City College Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs Draft – for discussion only (10-15-12) Dean College of Arts and Sciences

9 Provost General Education Committee Director of eLearning Chief Technology Officer College Assessment Coordinators Interim Vice Provost* for Academic Affairs Council on Acc. & Assess. & CCN Liaison Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Institutional Research Draft – for discussion only (10-15-12) * Position was previously made up of both the Interim Assoc. Provost and the University Director of Assessment Academic Senate

10 Grants and Sponsored Programs Coordinator University Unit Center Directors Faculty/Staff PI’s Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs University IRB Committee Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Draft – for discussion only (10-15-12)

11 Student Affairs Directors * Director of MSUB Extended Campus Garfield School Programs Manager of MSUB Downtown Conference Services Service Learning Coordinator and OCI Work Force Development & Centers Admin Assistant Director of MSUB Extended Campus Draft – for discussion only (10/15/12) Red Lodge Programs * This position was previously the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Life Long Learning Academic Deans Director of eLearning

12 Questions and Discussion

13 Page 2 MSUB Libraries Brent Roberts, 10/15/2012 Temple of Knowledge 2

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