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Strategic Human Resource Alignment: The Context for Changing Teacher Compensation Herb Heneman & Tony Milanowski Consortium for Policy Research in Education.

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1 Strategic Human Resource Alignment: The Context for Changing Teacher Compensation Herb Heneman & Tony Milanowski Consortium for Policy Research in Education Wisconsin Center for Education Research University of Wisconsin-Madison

2  Focus teacher effort on expected performances  Stimulate and enable performance improvement  Provide monetary rewards for performance improvement Background: Roles of Performance Pay for Teachers

3  School based performance award programs  Knowledge and skill-based pay programs - Skill blocks - Standards-based teacher evaluation Background: CPRE Research on Performance Pay

4  Effectiveness and acceptance depends on total HR systems  HR systems can focus teacher effort, stimulate and enable performance improvement  HR systems must be aligned to desired teacher performance competencies Background: Key Findings


6 Comments on HR Alignment Model  Focus on teacher performance competency  student achievement  Instructional and HR policy & practice work together  HR policy & practice -8 major areas -21 sub-areas  Teacher performance pay is under compensation: variable pay  Numerous other HR practices influence teacher performance competency

7 HR Alignment  Vertical: HR practices reflect and convey teacher performance competencies  Horizontal: HR practices reinforce and support each other

8 What Needs to Be Done?  Assess HR alignment in the District  Summarize the degree of alignment of HR practices  Suggest changes in practices to improve HR alignment

9 Example HR Alignment Analysis  Setting: large southwestern US school district -60,000 students, 3,500 teachers -Combination of centralized and decentralized HR practices -Teacher association & labor contract -Support from superintendent

10 Teacher Performance Competencies TEACHER PERFORMANCE STANDARDS (Four Domains of Teaching with 23 Components and 68 Elements) Domain 1: Planning and Preparation a. Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students c. Selecting Instructional Goals d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources e. Designing Coherent Instruction f. Assessing Student Learning g. Assessing Student Learning Domain 2: The Classroom Environment a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport b. Establishing a Culture for Learning c. Managing Classroom Procedures d. Managing Student Behavior e. Organizing Physical Space Domain 3: Instruction a. Communicating Clearly and Accurately b. Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques c. Engaging Students in Learning d. Providing Feedback to Students e. Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness f. Using Student Assessment Data Domain 4: Professionalism a. Reflecting on Teaching b. Maintaining Accurate Records c. Communicating with Families d. Contributing to the School and District e. Showing Professionalism

11 HR Alignment Study Group  Members: -Asst. Supt for HR -President of Teacher Association -Middle School Principal -PD Coordinator -Staffing Coordinator -Labor Relations Manager, Mentoring & Induction Coordinator  Facilitators: -Heneman -Milanowski

12 HR Alignment Study Group Process  Eight 2 hour meetings over six months  Activities -Develop understanding of HR alignment -Develop descriptions of HR practices in each area & sub-area -Surveys of users (principals) -Determine degree of vertical HR alignment -Determine degree of horizontal alignment -Suggest ways to improve alignment

13 Vertical Alignment Results - 1 HR PracticePercent Vertical Alignment Recruitment Applicant Pools Information 37 28 48 Selection Licensure Assessment Hiring Standards 53 55 60 45 Induction Pre-service On-the-job 85 70 100 Mentoring Content Participants 92 93 90

14 Vertical Alignment Results - 2 HR PracticePercent Vertical Alignment Prof. Development Content Teacher Planning 47 55 38 Compensation Hiring Packages Base Pay Variable Pay 32 25 45 Performance Mgmt. Teacher Evaluation Feedback/Coaching/Goal Setting Remediation 83 100 65 85 Leaders Selection Training & Development Performance Mgmt 47 38 68 35

15 Horizontal Alignment Results HR PracticePercent Alignment Recruitment52 Selection52 Induction65 Mentoring71 Prof. Development52 Compensation39 Performance Mgmt.52 Leaders45

16 For each HR practice area:  suggest ways to improve alignment  discuss suggestions  adopt, modify, or reject suggestions  prioritize suggestions (impact, timing)  record & approve final list of suggestions Developing Suggestions for Improvement in HR Alignment

17 High Impact Suggestions – Do Now n Have top management become more proactive in performance management and accountable for being effective performance managers (Leadership)  Inform all applicants about the teacher standards, teacher evaluation system based on the standards, and professional development opportunities related to the standards, on the district web site and during site visits (Recruitment) Example Suggestions

18 High Impact Suggestions – Do Within One Year n Develop standard interview questions and answer rubrics based on the teacher standards for use at the site level (Selection)  Communicate and market to teachers and principals the professional development courses and in-service activities that are relevant to the standards; make links to standards explicit (Professional Development) Example Suggestions

19 High Impact Suggestions – Study Further n Allow movement between lanes of the salary schedule only for approved course work relevant to the teacher standards (Compensation)  Lengthen the probationary period for new hires (Performance Management) Example Suggestions

20 n Facilitators draft and study group approves final report and recommendations  Report presented to school board  School board approves recommendations Final Report & Recommendations

21  HR Alignment Assessment & Processes  Design of Teacher Performance Pay Plans  Evaluation of Teacher Performance Pay Plans Implications

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