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Welcome Preparation for Adulthood Person Centred Planning Launch.

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1 Welcome Preparation for Adulthood Person Centred Planning Launch

2 What do we want to achieve? Better life chances for children and young people with SEND Increased parental confidence in the support available Increased independence, choice and control for families Improved transition to adulthood Better use of resources


4 Raise Aspirations Young people, families and everyone who works with them need to know what is possible, positive and what works Everyone needs to know that young people with complex needs can achieve their ambitions

5 Key Messages Work together for change with young people and families from the beginning Embed best practice in person-centred planning and support planning in the development of the single assessment and education, health and care plan Develop the market so that it can deliver post-16 options that lead to employment, independent living, good health, friends, relationships and community inclusion


7 Embedding a person-centred approach – testing new tools and software Identify barriers to successful transition and seek to overcome these through new approaches Build on best practice in the Learning for Living and Work Framework as the Single Transition Plan Build on best practice in partnership working to improve outcomes Pilot a ‘job brokerage’ to support a group of college leavers into employment

8 Person Centred Planning Will Fletcher Learning for Living and Work

9 Person Centred Planning Person-centred planning (PCP) is a set of approaches designed to assist someone to plan their life and supports. Has its roots in inclusion Based on social model of disability Originated from North America from the early 70’s

10 Work Colleagues Money Home Neighbours Pets Friends Hobbies Parties Being ME! Love Marriage College Special Bus Special Swimming Special College Courses Special homes Special Schools Day Centre

11 5 key principles of Person Centred Planning (British Institute of Learning disabilities) The person is at the centre: Person Centred Planning is rooted in the principles of rights, independence and choice. Family members and friends are full partners Person Centred Planning reflects a person's capacities, what is important to a person (now and for the future) Person Centred Planning builds a shared commitment to action that recognises a person's rights Person Centred Planning leads to continual listening, learning and action and helps the person get what they want out of life

12 Impact and Value of PCP “ The world's largest study into person centred planning described how it helps people get improvements in important parts of their lives and indicated that this was at no additional cost” (Valuing People Now 2009) Continuing support for personalisation: 'Capable Communities and Active Citizens' (2010) 'Think Local, Act Personal' (2011)

13 Aiming High for Disabled Children Transition Support Programme (2008- 2011) support disabled young people to live the lives they want provide better support for disabled young people and their families change culture to improve local service delivery support every local area to share learning and improve. Hertfordshire Key Priorities Development of a single person centred multi agency transition plan Development of person centred approaches to transition reviews delivered in their area, increasing their choice and control’.

14 Values and beliefs Person centred approaches Person centred plans


16 Ideas4Life - History Pre-2009 Ideas4Life paper guides for students with moderate and severe learning difficulties and parents/carers 2009 Production of DVD Ongoing Production of new I4L paper guides Development of I4L PCP software

17 Ideas4Life – PCP software Through consultation during and after DVD production it became clear... There were many examples of good practice in PCP throughout Hertfordshire There was a need and willingness to share good practice A tool was required to provide this – specialist Herts-specific software

18 Ideas4Life – The software What is it/What does it do? Information gathering tool Self-help tool A dynamic way of recording achievements, people of importance, what is and isn't working for a student, hopes and aspirations A means of presenting information in text, images and video A PCP presentation tool A growing, and developing document Transportable to other settings A tool for students, their families and the professionals around them

19 Ideas4Life – structure Menu/Navigation/Introduction Main input screens My world/My people set-up screensPresentation screens

20 Ideas4Life – Today... Have a play!

21 Ideas4Life … and beyond Help us to pilot the software As it's a new programme, it is likely to have bugs and errors we haven't found yet It features mainly students with moderate to severe learning difficulties – and symbols – do these work for other students? Is it asking the right questions? Does it need to be customisable?...etc. By being a part of the pilot phase, you and your students can help us to improve, develop and refine the tool. Once it has been thoroughly tested and piloted, it can then be taken to a wider audience.

22 Pilot Phase Timeline TodaySchools/colleges take away BETA software April –June (half-term)Contact with schools/colleges/Youth Connexions Software installation Pilot session dates confirmed June – Oct (half-term)Pilot Sessions Visit 1 – 0.5 day Demonstration and training session to staff Gathering information and feedback from staff Observe and monitor learners having their first experiences of using the software. Visit 2 – 0.5 day Working with and observing learners (and learners supported by staff) to monitor their interaction with the software. In-depth evaluation and ideas session with staff and learners Oct-NovCollation, preparation of written (and video) report DecemberPresentation of report to Hertfordshire County Council

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