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LAB SAFETY ORIENTATION Safety Means - - No Accidents.

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3 Safety Means - - No Accidents

4 Who is responsible for safety? u The District u The Principal u The Teacher u The Student u The Parent

5 Our Lesson Today Will Focus on Student Responsibilities

6 Staying Informed

7 Material Safety Data Sheets Include Information about: l the material’s identity l physical and chemical properties l precautions and safety equipment l health hazards

8 Include Information about: l spill and disposal procedures l exposure limits l chemical and physical hazards l emergency first aid Material Safety Data Sheets

9 Chemical Hazard Ratings u Health Hazard u Flammability u Reactivity u Special: Protective Equipment Rated on a Scale of 0-4 (0 = no hazard)

10 Personal Protection In the Laboratory

11 Personal Protection u Safety goggles must be worn every time a chemical, heat, or possible projectile is used


13 Personal Protection Use of a lab aprons required l Shorts, short skirts, and open-toed shoes are discouraged

14 Personal Protection If you have long hair you must wear it tied back l Don’t wear dangling jewelry


16 Never eat or drink in a lab room Personal Protection Read labels carefully and at least twice Treat every chemical as if it is hazardous, don’t return extra to the bottle

17 Personal Protection No Horse Play In Lab

18 Personal Protection Do Not Sit On the Lab Tables

19 Personal Protection Hot Glass Looks Cool

20 Personal Protection Do not touch equipment until told to do so

21 Emergency Response u fire extinguisher u eye wash  safety shower and know how to use them. Know the location of the

22 Emergency Response u fire blanket u first aide kit and know how to use them. Also know the location of the

23 Emergency Response l Unauthorized experiments are prohibited! l Know what to do in the event of an injury, fire, explosion, or spill

24 Spills u Flood the area with water. u Clean them up immediately u Dispose of paper towels used to soak up chemical spills in the designated waste container.

25 Fires u Know where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it. u Never heat a flammable material or use it near a flame

26 Fires u When heating a chemical in a test tube keep the test tube moving, at angle and pointing away from others.

27 Emergency Response l Know the building evacuation procedures and where to meet me.

28 Chemical Waste Disposal - To Flush or Not to Flush

29 Chemical Waste Disposal l You will be told prior to each lab how to dispose of all wastes. l Broken glass goes in special container

30 Chemical Waste Disposal If you don’t know if a substance requires special disposal methods - ASK!!!

31 Chemical Waste Disposal u Designated waste containers will be provided on some labs  Always dispose of glass in a separate container

32 In the Event of An Accident Notify your instructor!

33 Lab Procedures and Precautions

34 u The most important thing you can do to be safe is to familiarize yourself with the lab procedure before the lab.

35 u Tell your teacher and lab partner if you wear contact lenses. u During lab, keep the aisles and passageways clear of all textbooks, backpacks, stools, chairs, equipment and chemicals.

36 u When heating a test tube, keep it moving and pointed away from yourself and others u When diluting acids, always add acid to water

37 u During lab be cautious of long hair, dangling jewelry, and loose or flammable clothing. u To test the odor o f a chemical gently waft the fumes toward your nose.

38 u When you have heated a piece of glassware and want to pick it up, use the proper tongs. u Never heat a liquids in closed containers.

39 Lab Clean Up Is Every Student's Responsibility

40 u Hang up your apron and put your goggles neatly in the goggle cabinet. u When you finish working put away all lab materials and wash your hands with soap and water.

41 Have a Safe Year!

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