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Lab Safety The Does and Don'ts.

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1 Lab Safety The Does and Don'ts

2 GENERAL SAFETY Never work without the teacher present
To prevent accidents - Follow all directions Reread procedures if you do not understand If you still do not understand – ask the teacher Do not touch equipment until told Perform only experiments told

If equipment is not working tell the teacher Keep lab area clean – it is ALL students responsibility Keep aisles clear Be alert Never fool around Know locations, operating procedures, and who is responsible for using all safety equipment

4 SAFETY EQUIPMENT First aid kit – front of room
Fire blanket – front of room Fire extinguisher – front of room when do lab requiring Eye wash – back corner of room Shower – back corner of room Goggles – front of room Aprons – back of room in drawer Glass disposal box – back of room on the floor

Do not roam around the room – stay in your group only Walk to get supplies and clean up Do not enter storage area Follow instructions if there is a fire drill Never remove materials from the lab Do not use lab equipment for eating Do not eat, drink, or chew gum

Make sure all equipment is clean, dry, and working in proper order Handle all materials respectfully Report any medical conditions and injuries If there is a fire Follow the directions of the teacher Use the fire blanket if a person is on fire Use the fire extinguisher if equipment or chemicals are on fire

7 CLOTHING Tie long hair pack No baggy cloths or dangling jewelry
Wear close toed and close healed shoes Wear goggles when using chemicals, heat, or glassware – do not remove until done cleaning Wear aprons when instructed and until done cleaning

8 ACCIDENTS Report all accidents to the teacher
If cut - Immediately apply pressure with paper towel and tell the teacher If burned - Immediately get under cold water and tell the teacher

9 HANDLING CHEMICALS Do not touch, taste, smell unless told to do so
Check labels to make sure you are not mixing the wrong stuff Dispose of unused and used chemicals as directed by the teacher Never have flammable materials near open flames If spilled – stand back and tell the teacher for instructions In eyes - flush 20 min with water and tell the teacher

Never use broken or dirty glassware Do not place hot glass on bare counter or in water Check plugs for exposed wires Unplug electrical equipment using plug not the cord Make sure hands are dry when dealing with electricity

11 HEATING MATERIALS Do not reach over the heat source
Keep flammable materials away from flames Never leave hot plates or burners unattended Do not heat closed containers Point test tubes away from all people Use hot hands to handle hot materials Turn off gas or burner when done

12 When Finished With Lab Clean and dry all materials
Put materials away where instructed Wash and dry lab table/counter Fold and neatly put away aprons Neatly return goggles to cabinet Wash hand with soap and water Go to desk to finish lab report

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