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Career Essentials. Introduction Preparing, acquiring, and retaining a job are the key elements that determine an individual's successful employment in.

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1 Career Essentials

2 Introduction Preparing, acquiring, and retaining a job are the key elements that determine an individual's successful employment in the workforce. Businesses use the process of announcing a job opening and then requiring an applicant to complete a job application, resume, and interview. This preliminary screening of job applicants is used to determine if an individual is the most qualified person for a position within a company.

3 Introduction Once an individual is employed in a business, it is necessary to continue to acquire and develop work ethic skills to retain a position and/or to move up the ladder in the company structure. In addition, it is equally as important for employees to understand and be able to demonstrate the proper procedures in the event of exiting a job.

4 Real World Application Businesses have a human resources department An individual responsible for hiring and retaining employees. Sometimes this is done by department managers under the guidance of the human resource department.

5 Real World Application The Internet has played a very important function by enabling businesses to post job openings asking potential employees to submit their resumes and also providing an opportunity for individuals seeking employment to post their resumes at specific web sites such as career builders, monster and ed-join.

6 Real World (cont.) Entry-level jobs can be found on the Internet, newspaper ads and through family and friends. When applying for a job, it is appropriate to apply in person, by telephone and in writing. A business that has a human resources department has many responsibilities.

7 Real World (cont.) The department may be responsible for the following: hiring/terminating employees, maintain all personnel records (employee evaluations, salaries, fringe benefits, staff development, job descriptions, etc.) Job Applications are used by employers to sort out best-qualified people. Job Interviews allow you to meet with an employer and provides a chance for you to self yourself. It is probably the most important step in finding a job.

8 Real World (cont.) Job Interviews Job Interviews may not include questions about your age, health, marital status or sexual orientation. Job Interviews may include questions about your experience, skills and how you are the best fit for the job. After the interview Send a follow-up letter

9 Real World (cont.) Familiarity with the protocol and functions of human resources within any business. By understanding this protocol, individuals have a better opportunity of gaining/maintaining employment and the opportunity to be considered for promotions with increased salaries.

10 Virtual World Application The human resources department in the virtual companies is also responsible for creating job descriptions, attaining/retaining, promoting, and evaluating employees. The same protocol for requiring potential employees to complete job applications, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and letters of recommendations will be used just as in real businesses.

11 Virtual World Application Employees will participate in on-going staff development and become familiar with the importance and function of the human resources department.

12 Virtual World (cont.) In order for employees to be successful in the workforce, they will develop a positive work ethic by following company policies, reporting to work on time, completing assigned tasks on time, and maintaining a good attendance record. Work Ethics include your ability to get along with people. Work place relations include your ability to work effectively with others which is a skill that must be learned and practiced.

13 Virtual World (cont.) Employees will also follow the protocol for exiting a job and the importance of this piece in the employment process. A resignation letter which includes the reason for your resignation and given 2 weeks in advance of your last date of employment

14 Virtual Enterprise Company Human Resource Department Develops protocols for handling: Job applications Resumes Resumes should include your workplace skills. Cover Letters Cover letters should highlight your skills and the position you are applying for and how the two are tied together Cover letters accompany a resume when applying in person and online

15 Virtual Enterprise Company Human Resource Department Letters of Recommendation Digital Portfolios Digital Portfolios should include a letter of introduction and work samples Exiting a job

16 Quarter 1 Research Job applications, Resumes, Cover Letters, Letters of Recommendation, Digital Portfolios, and Exiting a job. Write procedures for properly exiting a job and applying for another position within the company. Establish a human resource department and begin the process of operating the department Begin the hiring process and track all paper work

17 Quarter 1 Establish a Code of Conduct for employees to maintain a safe and positive work environment. Set up staff development calendar Set up staff development workshops for the year Determine employee evaluation and recognition process. Develop company policy for employee terminations and resignations.

18 More.... Employers are usually interested in how well you have done in school because: school records are important and school is a workplace too

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