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Making Healthy Food Choices

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1 Making Healthy Food Choices

2 Vocabulary Hunger-Physical sensation due to the body’s need for nutrients Appetite- A desire for food based on emotional factors Body Mass Index- A ratio of a person’s weight to height Basal Metabolic Rate- Body’s rate of energy use at rest

3 Body Composition- A measure of the amount of body fat a person has as compared to muscle and bone is known as Carbohydrate Loading- A practice followed by some endurance athletes Fad Diet- A weight loss program that may be lacking in proper nutrition Vegetarian-A person who does not eat meat

4 Underweight- A person who is lighter than the standard for the person’s height
Overweight- A term used to describe a person who is heavier than the standard for the person’s height Daily Values- Recommendations that specify the amounts of certain nutrients that an average person should obtain each day Examples of a Nutrient Claim- Free, low in, high in, light, excellent source of

5 Fad Diets Facts They exclude essential nutrients
The weight you lose during a fad diet is usually temporary People quickly become bored with a fad diet because of the limitations of food An example of a fad diet is; high-protein, low-carbohydrate

6 Diabetics and their diet
Diabetics should limit foods high in sugar to help control their blood sugar levels Diabetics should eat balanced meals and snacks on a regular schedules Diabetics should keep track of their carbohydrate intake Diabetics should control their weight and get regular exercise

7 Factors that affect a persons weight
Heredity- certain traits are inherited from family Level of Activity- the more active you are, the more calories you burn Body Composition – sex and age play a part in a persons body composition

8 Food Label Facts include:
# of calories and how many are from fat Amount of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and protein the product contains % of daily values for different nutrients Ingredients

9 Random facts to know: When nutrients are added to canned food to replace those lost during canning, the food is said to be enriched Underweight people who want to gain weight should make sure to exercise regularly The term overweight refers to people of all ages

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