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$100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Printers Mouse Monitor Input devicesOutput devices Misc $500.

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2 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Printers Mouse Monitor Input devicesOutput devices Misc $500

3 The output devices either spray ink, use heat or pressure to print What are non-impact printers?

4 Printer resolution is measured by the number of ____ the printer prints What is DPI, dots per inch?

5 The speed of a printer is measured by the number of _____ it can print. What is PPM or pages per minute?

6 A laser printer uses this powdered ink called _______. What is toner?

7 This type of printer is able to print multi-part forms to print through layers of paper. What is impact printers

8 This input device uses light to detect the mouse movements What is an optical mouse?

9 The most widely used pointing device for desktop computers What is an optical or mechanical mouse?

10 This type of mouse is most often found on laptops and notebook computers What is a touchpad?

11 Kiosks are found in a mall or unattended area and most often use this as an input device. What is a touch screens?

12 This is a battery powered mouse that transmitted data wireless through radio or infrared light waves What is a wireless mouse?

13 This is the number of vertical and horizontal pixels in a display device. What is resolution?

14 This feature of a monitor is measured the same way as a television – diagonally or corner to corner What monitor size?

15 A LCD monitor has a smaller _______ than CRT monitors, in other words they take up less space. What is footprint?

16 Mobile computers such as notebook computers, tablets, PDA’s smart phones have this type of screens. What are LCD screens?

17 This is the number of times per second a CRT screen is redrawn. What is the refresh rate?

18 These are special keys on a keyboard that are programmed to issue commands (they vary from software package to software package) What are function keys

19 This kind of computer usually has a smaller keyboard and has fewer keys, like no numeric keypads. What is handheld or notebook computers?

20 Users input music and other sound effects (such as piano and keyboard) using these ports What is MIDI?

21 This technology is used almost exclusively in the banking industry. What is MICR?

22 Grocery stores and retail stores use this type of bar code for inventory, pricing and check-out points. What is UPC?

23 These are commonly used output devices. What are display devices, speakers, printers, headphones and earbuds?

24 Name two types of display devices. What are flat-panel and CRT? AND What are plasma and LCD?

25 Most personal computers have a small internal _____ that outputs low-quality sound. What is a speaker?

26 A disadvantage of this device is that if one part breaks down – users lose all 4 functions. What is multifunctional peripheral?

27 This type of printer/output device uses electrically heated pins and heat- sensitive paper to produce output. What is a thermal printer?

28 This is a monitor that is sealed in a glass tube on the front of the screen coated with a phosphor material What is a CRT?

29 A print out in this orientation presents information across the widest part of the paper. What is a landscape?

30 The most widely used biometric input device today is this. What are fingerprint scans?

31 This type of design for keyboards and mice reduces the chance of wrist and hand injuries. What is ergonomic?

32 ATM’s ask users for this password which verifies that the user is the holder of the bankcard What is PIN?

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