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Southeast Asia  Myanmar  Thailand  Laos  Cambodia  Vietnam  Indonesia  Philippines  Malaysia  Brunei  Singapore.

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1 Southeast Asia  Myanmar  Thailand  Laos  Cambodia  Vietnam  Indonesia  Philippines  Malaysia  Brunei  Singapore

2 Physical Geography Southeast Asia is…  Two “peninsulas” extending out of the continent of Asia Surrounded on 3 sides by water Indochinese and Malay Peninsulas  Series of “archipelagos” A chain of closely grouped islands Philippines and Indonesia  Malaysia is on the peninsula and an archipelago Peninsulas Archipelagos Malaysia

3 Physical Geography Volcanoes formed most of the islands in the archipelagos  “Ring of Fire” An area that surrounds or “rings” the Pacific Ocean  Earthquakes and volcanoes are common because of tectonic plate boundaries

4 Mount Pinatubo  Located on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines  Volcano that last erupted in June of 1991 Second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century  Eruption lasted 9 hours  800 people were killed and 100,000 became homeless Accompanied by a 7.8 earthquake Forced thousands of Filipinos from their homes  Aetna tribe lived on the side of the mountain and have never been able to return to their homes 100 feet of ash buries their villages Physical Geography

5 2004 Asian Tsunami  A 9.0 earthquake occurred on the ocean floor 100 miles off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra Lifted a piece of the ocean floor 900 miles long and moved it 65 feet in a matter of minutes  Lifted the ocean and sent it racing towards land in all directions in a series of enormous waves Some waves reached 50 feet  Devastated much of Southeast Asia Physical Geography Sumatra

6 Physical Geography Climate of Southeast Asia  Most of the region is a tropical wet environment Average temperature is 82 degrees Average rainfall is 100- 200 inches a year  Rainforests cover most of the land Great diversity in plants and animals Mekong River  Begins in the high mountains and travels through Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam Collects the massive amounts of water that falls as rain

7 The Ring of Fire has made Southeast Asia mountainous  Makes daily life here very challenging People have become creative in the way they deal with the land and their resources  “Terrace farming” is used Carve flat spots or steps into the side of the mountain  People depend heavily on the Mekong River Fishing  Mekong River catfish and stingrays Irrigation for crops  Rice, sugar, tea, rubber, and coffee Human Environmental Interaction

8 Historical Geography Southeast Asia has had a rough last 1000 years  Has been constantly taken over by other countries China and France for most of the time  Largely because of those tropical resources Rubber, sugar, rice, tea, and coffee  Other resources Gem stones and oil Ground zero for the Vietnam War  Fought for two major reasons Control of important resources Communism and dictatorship vs. Capitalism and democracy

9 Most people in Southeast Asia depend on farming and manufacturing for income  “Subsistence agriculture” Produce only enough food for the family to survive  Nothing extra to sell at the market for money  America/ Japan produce many of their products here Working in factories does not make people a lot of money “Sweat Shops” dominate  Long hours, low wages, and poor working conditions Economic Geography

10 Buddhism, Islam are the main religions Hinduism is present, but not in great numbers of followers  Religion determines people’s values and influences art and architecture  Temples are very unique and important in here Angkor Wat  World’s largest religious temple and complex Located in Cambodia  Important to Buddhists and Hindus  Known for its Temple, Gardens, and Moat Cultural Geography

11 Big contrast in how people live in this region  Many people live in primitive huts out in the jungle Hunters, gatherers, and farmers  Others live in very large cities Kuala Lumpur- Capital of Malaysia  Financial capital of Southeast Asia  Home to one of the world’s tallest building “Petronas Towers”

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