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Your Handy Dandy Guide to Organizing a Proper 5 Paragraph Essay

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1 Your Handy Dandy Guide to Organizing a Proper 5 Paragraph Essay
How to Write an Essay Your Handy Dandy Guide to Organizing a Proper 5 Paragraph Essay

2 What is an Essay A basic essay consists of three main parts:
INTRODUCTION 3 BODY PARAGRAPHS A CONCLUSION People write an essay to persuade others. The purpose of the essay is to prove a point about a particular topic.

3 The Introduction The introduction guides the reader into your paper by grabbing attention and introducing the topic. Introduce your essay by having a HOOK!! This is merely a catchy first sentence that will grab the reader’s attention Make sure to introduce your topic. Provide a brief synopsis of your topic. The thesis statement guides the entire essay. Remember to have a concluding sentence in your introduction. The reference is the name of the novel with the author.

4 The Thesis Statement A thesis statement is simply an argument that you are going to prove. It is the roadmap for your essay and explains to the reader exactly what you will discuss in your paper. The thesis statement will be the LAST SENTENCE in your INTRODUCTION paragraph. A basic thesis statement contains the topic and the 3 main points to support the topic. Thesis statement: In the novel The Chrysalids Uncle Axel is one of the most important characters as David`s best friend, protector and confident.

5 BODY PARAGRAPHS In a basic 5 paragraph essay, there are 3 body paragraphs that all follow the same structure; but, discuss and prove different points. Each body paragraph should discuss one of the points in your thesis. You are trying to convince the reader that your point is right. Each body paragraph needs a topic sentence, point, and proof. Be sure to use transition phrases to connect your ideas. Write a closing sentence. Do this x3

6 WRITING A PARAGRAPH Therefore…POINT (topic sentence)
A full and complete paragraph consists of a MINIMUM of 8-10 sentences and follows a specific format: TOPIC SENTENCE (1st Sentence) The topic sentence reflects which thesis statement point you will be discussing in the body paragraph. You must PROVE your POINT by providing PROOFS (examples) to support your topic sentence. You must COMMENT on each PROOF to further your analysis. Therefore…POINT (topic sentence) PROOF & COMMENT (x3) CONCLUDING SENTENCE (last sentence) Each paragraph should end with a final statement that brings together the ideas brought up in the paragraph and emphasizes the main point one last time.

7 Write a paragraph using the following prompt:
Based on what you have learned about Gary Soto, explain ways in which Soto has or hasn’t changed since the years when he wore the green jacket. Topic sentence: Gary Soto has changed since the years he wore the green jacket by becoming an accomplished writer, learning to be confident, and graduating from college. The topic sentence is followed by body sentences that go into greater detail on the topic.

8 Writing a paragraph con’t
Body Sentences: Gary Soto once thought about studying geography in college. While browsing in the poetry section of his school library, he discovered a collection of modern poetry. “I thought, wow, wow, wow,” Soto recalls. “I wanted to do this thing.” Soto has published many books, his first being in Many of his poems are about Mexican Americans living and working in U.S. cities or working as migrant farm laborers. Concluding sentence: Clearly, Gary Soto has changed since writing his memoir about his years wearing the jacket.

The Conclusion The conclusion brings together ALL of the main points of the essay. It refers back to and RESTATES the THESIS. The conclusion leaves the reader with a final thought and a sense of closure by resolving any ideas brought up in the essay. #1 RULE IN ANY CONCLUSION YOU CANNOT INTRODUCE ANYTHING NEW!

10 How to Begin The teacher will provide topic questions which you should brainstorm about. Brainstorming in this case includes finding evidence to support your point. (PROOF) You cannot make a statement about something and not provide evidence that shows that your statement is correct.

11 Try brainstorming in this way
THE JOT LIST!!! Using a jot list, you write down everything you can think about the topic. For example: Gary Soto – How has he changed since wearing the jacket? College degree Studied poetry Father died when he was 5 years old Lived in poverty Family lived on a small income Mexican American Writes about childhood memories Fresno, California Confident adult Childhood embarrassed Pressured at school You find the point that you want to make based on your thesis.

12 Group like ideas together:
College degree Studied poetry Writer First book in 1976 Poor Mexican American family Migrant farmers Dad died Confident College degree Writes about memories as child

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