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Adams County School District 50 We Are a Title I District What does that mean?

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1 Adams County School District 50 We Are a Title I District What does that mean?

2 We are a Title I district because… Our schools have a high number of students who are eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch. Title I will focus on free lunch students, who receive an additional tutoring service. – We receive additional federal money to help increase student achievement in our school. – School wide/Unified Improvement Plans (UIP) were written to clearly define how the money will be spent. Parents are welcome to attend a Building Accountability Advisory Committee (BAAC) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting or come to the office to see the SIP.

3 We are Title I because… – All educational funds in our schools, including Title I, support a standards based education. Student progress is monitored in various ways. – 1% of the schools Title I budget will be spent on parent involvement. Parents have the right to have input as to how this money is spent. They can learn more by contacting your BAAC or PTO parent representative or attending a meeting.

4 Schools need to make AYP …  Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is a federal performance measure, which is based on the percent of students scoring partially proficient or above on the CSAP.  It looks at overall performance of a school  And it looks at the performance of ELL, SPED, and different ethnic groups

5 How does it affect us?  If a school does not make AYP 2 years in a row or more, then you have additional choices and responsibilities. You may: 1. Attend a higher performing school with transportation. 2. Be eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) which is free after school tutoring for designated students. 3. Be invited to participate in the school’s improvement planning process.

6 Title I Consolidated Grant Total District Fund:$3,828,885.00 Building budgets are allotted by rank order of poverty and highest needs:  Free lunch students  Highest academic need Serving eight elementary schools, one middle school and two private schools.

7 Title I Schoolwide Improvement Plan School Unified Improvement Plan Matching the Consolidated Grant with Improvement Planning The improvement planning process includes:  Aligning curriculum standards  Implementing standards based assessments  Providing instructional interventions for special needs populations, and  Aligning professional development

8 Application for Consolidated Grant Funds The Consolidated Federal Grants Program Grant Is designed to be a comprehensive set of resources to be utilized for two main purposes:  Systemic instructional improvement  Instructional interventions that close the achievement gap

9 Consolidated Grant funds must be developed around four processes: 1. District wide needs assessments identifying root causes of underachievement 2. Measureable goals and objectives for higher achievement based upon identifying the root causes of achievement gaps 3. Research based strategy development directly related to student, school and district assessments and budget 4. Annual evaluation plan to document results of the grant

10 Addendums to the School Improvement Plan: A – Planning documents for Schoolwide Programs B – Title I and Parent Involvement policy (compact) C- Coordination of Programs D – Title I Schoolwide Budget E – Transition Plan F – Highly Qualified Teacher Plan

11 Title I Staff Professional Development Title I Teacher Monthly Meetings  Intervention instructional strategies  Assessment and data collection  Data Analysis and professional discussions  School Improvement cycle of evaluation  Other interventions: truancy, family involvement, resources Title I Paraprofessional Quarterly Meetings  Instructional support strategies  Assessment support and data reporting tools

12 Title I Coordinator Professional Development  Attend monthly Title I Directors meetings  CDE trainings and monthly webinars  Attend local meetings and conferences for current federal guideline information and resources  Attend related District 50 and other professional development to train Title I staff

13 Parent Involvement & Training Schools provide for:  Title I parent information nights  D50 information & training (e-ducate)  Parent/family workshops  Parent-Teacher Organization & BAAC Meetings  Parent-Community celebrations & recognitions  Partnering for school/class projects  Community resource information (liaisons)

14 Why do we need a Parent Compact?  A Parent Compact is an agreement between the school and a family to improve student performance.  The compact is part of the School wide/ School Improvement Plan and will be shared with the community at Parent/Teacher Conferences.

15 Highly Qualified Teachers  Parents have the right to know the qualifications of the teachers in your school.  Parents will receive a letter of notification in the Fall of 2008 if their child is being taught by a teacher who does not meet the federal requirements.

16 Supplemental Educational Services(SES) Who is eligible?  Five D50 schools are eligible for SES 1. Students are eligible in your family if they qualify for Free Price Lunch, or 2. The school is Provision 2- meaning all students receive free lunch  Letters to parents of eligible students will arrive at the home by the end of Sept.  Via U.S. mail and school communications for in ES and MS

17 Supplemental Educational Services(SES) How do I choose a provider?  Parents review the packet of SES information about providers, mailed to homes of eligible students  Contact the school or attend the Parent Fair to discuss what SES providers can do and where they are based  Completed applications are returned to the school liaison, who assist parents with SES communication and follow up  Tutoring services begin the first semester on November 1, 2011  A second mailing in December with updated SES information for second semester, services beginning January 10, 2012

18 Title 1 Parent Compact & Parent Involvement Policy This policy and compact has been jointly developed and agreed upon by the Skyline Vista Elementary family; parents, students, staff and administration. Title 1 /Parent Compact Skyline Vista Elementary is a Title 1 school. The goal of the Title 1 program is to help every child get a high- quality education. The Skyline family; administration, staff, parents and students each have responsibilities they must meet in order to accomplish this goal.

19 As a student, I promise to….  come to school every day on time and be prepared to learn and participate  ask for help when I need it  respect and cooperate with other students and adults  do my homework and participate in the Home Reading Program

20 As a parent, I promise to….  help my child attend school every day and be on time  find a quiet place for my child to read and complete homework  read to and with my child on a regular basis  provide enriching learning experiences at home  assist my child with the Home Book Club  attend Parent Teacher Conferences  communicate regularly with the school, principal, Title 1 and classroom teachers  participate in decisions related to my child’s education and achievement, as appropriate  make an effort to be involved in school activities  follow the school’s pick up and drop off policy

21 As a school, we promise to….  deliver a challenging academic curriculum and explain our standards to parents each year  provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where students feel comfortable to take risks  help parents understand the way these standards are assessed and how they can help their child achieve these goals  be available to support reasonable requests, suggestions, and questions in regard to Title 1 policies and responsibilities  provide multiple opportunities, at convenient times, for parents to build a partnership with the school, where the school will provide materials and reciprocal training to assist the parents in promoting their students’ academic achievement (i.e. Parent Teacher Conferences, Family Literacy/Math Nights, Leadership Team, Parent Teacher Organization)  invite parents to plan and review the Schoolwide Unified Improvement Plan (UIP), Title 1 program and Parent Involvement Policy each year  provide this policy and compact to parents in a language they can understand

22 Parental Involvement Policy The administration, staff and parents of Skyline Vista Elementary believe that the improved academic achievement of each student is a responsibility shared by the entire community, including the school district, school, community members, school administration, staff, students and parents (including guardians and all members of a student’s family involved in his/her education). We are committed to meeting the needs of all our students. To accomplish this, we must all work together.

23 Parent involvement in the school will include opportunities for:  Parents to volunteer and be involved in school activities  Effective communication between the school and parents  Parents to participate in school decision-making  Staff development and parent education (including communication about specific staff development)  Parents to provide home support for their student’s education

24 Continuous Improvement: Thinking Systemically - Acting Systemically District 50 and Title I work best when the processes of accountability, improvement and acquiring resources work together seamlessly. In every district, the processes of accountability drive the work of teachers and instructional leaders. These are resource hungry processes. The consolidated Grant and Schoolwide programs are federal grants intended to support local improvement efforts.

25 District 50 Commitment  Applications for annual and special Federal Grants (RFPs)  Internal support through the Blended Services Model of the Interventionist Framework  Professional Development to support systemic change and matching resources to SBS  Open invitation to parents and community partners to share in identifying and monitoring District 50 educational needs and solutions

26 Title I Office  Located at Educational Services Center, WHS  Contact: Charisse Goza, Title I Coordinator (720) 542- 5039 Deborah Escobar, Administrative Assistant (720) 542- 5038

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