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Pershing Pershing Annual Meeting Title I AYP/School Improvement.

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1 Pershing Pershing Annual Meeting Title I AYP/School Improvement

2 Title I Annual Parent Meeting Welcome and Purpose of Meeting To explain Title I To review our parent involvement policy and school-parent compact To let you know how our students are doing academically on state assessment data To share information about our school’s curriculum To talk about school improvement—what we are doing at school and what you can do at home

3 Title I 1960’s in America ▫ Riots in the cities; desegregation of schools ▫ Congress looking for a way to support inner city schools and desegregation.  POVERTY became the vehicle to move federal funds to public schools Federal funds are supplemental:  Cannot be used to replace local or state funds (unless specifically authorized to do so)  School districts must maintain the same level of funding to the school, and use Title I funds in addition to these funds  Free and Reduced at Pershing- 64.2%

4 Accountability in NCLB  Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) based on student performance on Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) assessments  Annual measure of progress against State Goals established by NCLB requirements: o 9 groups: all students, race/ethnicity (5 groups), low- income, special education students, English Language Learners o All groups must meet 100% of State Goals to have made AYP

5 Adequate Yearly Progress  Applies to all schools and districts in Nebraska, but consequences for not meeting AYP only apply to Title I schools  Identified for Needs Improvement if do not make AYP for two consecutive years in same subject

6 Title I Consequences for Schools Identified for Needs Improvement 3 rd Year of Needs Improvement:  Parent Letter  Must offer Public School Choice, if options available  Must offer Tutoring by an Approved Provider  Post School Choice/Tutoring on Website  Submit a Corrective Action Plan to NE Dept. of Education

7 Title I Parent Policy Requirements  Convene an annual meeting  Involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of the parent involvement policy  Provide parents with timely information regarding curriculum, academic assessments used, and proficiency levels  Provide opportunities for parents to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children

8 Title I Parent Policy Requirements (cont.)  Jointly develop a school-parent compact outlining shared responsibilities for student academic achievement  Provide assistance and opportunities for helping parents understand topics related to student academic achievement  Provide information and opportunities for participation in a language parents can understand

9 Our Parent Involvement Policy

10 School-Parent Compact

11 Who Are Our Students?  Early Childhood – 69 students  Total number of students including EC- 390 students  Free and Reduced Lunch- 64.2%  Special Ed- 20%  ELL- 11 students, 3.4% (K-5 th )  Ethnic Diversity- 24%  Gifted- 6%  Mobility Index-.100= 10%  Attendance Rate 96.3%




15 Did We Meet AYP? Goal for 2013-2014: 100% in Reading and Math Pershing: 74% in Reading 71% in Math We did not Meet AYP, so we are in Year 3 in Needs Improvement


17 Celebrations from 2013-2014 Goals 3 rd -5 th grade 2014 NeSA Reading The percent proficient in the subgroup of eligible for free and reduced lunch increased 7%. The percent proficient in the subgroup of special education increased 12%. AYP Met:  All students  Students eligible for free and reduced lunch 3 rd -5 th grade 2014 NeSA Math The percent proficient for all students increased 5%. The percent proficient in the subgroup eligible for free and reduced lunch increased 8%. The percent proficient in the subgroup special education increased 14%. AYP Met:  All students  Students eligible for free and reduced lunch Increased family engagement - 86% participation in 2013-14 parent- teacher conferences.

18 What Does That Mean? Parent Letter Public School Choice Tutoring Post on School Website Implement School Improvement Plan

19 LPS Curricula Math: Math Expressions (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Reading: Reading Wonders (McGraw Hill)

20 What Else Are We Doing to Improve? Data Teams through PLC: Teachers meet weekly in grade level teams to discuss student needs and make plans for student success. Teams include ELL, Special Ed and RtI Teachers, and involve monitoring and evaluating if plans are working for students

21 What Else Are We Doing to Improve? Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports: Schoolwide model for social, emotional and behavioral support for all students Teaches skills to increase social skills and reduce aggression Teaches learning behavior expectations for all students (Be respectful, responsible and safe) Supports students that need additional support with small group and individual strategies

22 What Else Are We Doing to Improve? Academic Clubs Jump Start Summer School & Open Library Academic Support Teacher- Interventionist Early Childhood Preschool Program Early Childhood Special Education Collaborative Preschool Program Reading Recovery/1 st grade program Behavior Intervention Support Team Consultant monthly. Full time Social Worker

23 What Else Are We Doing to Improve? Double reading groups for students as needed Math Expressions program in K-3. Having students explain their thinking in math in grades 3-5 Tier I + intervention time for essential outcomes as needed—daily and weekly. CLC before and after school program and clubs for students PLC planning for students by teams weekly Family Learning Nights BIST –Behavior Intervention Support Team Social Skills Curriculum taught and practiced.

24 What Can You Do At Home To Help? Work with students on their homework Read to or with your student Attend school-sponsored family events and programs together Contact your student’s teacher whenever you want to visit about your student’s academic progress

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