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Santiago Canyon College Profile Orange, California Technology Integration Profile Arranged by Maureen Roe.

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2 Santiago Canyon College Profile Orange, California Technology Integration Profile Arranged by Maureen Roe

3 Effectiveness of Instructional Use at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) Based on the CEO Forum’s Interactive School Technology and Readiness (STaR) Chart, SCC is at the Mid Tech Level for effective instructional technology.

4 Mid-Tech Educational Benefits Improve higher-order critical thinking with access to multimedia content Master basic skills through drill/tutorial software Information resources available for research Students/teachers able to communicate

5 Computer Access at SCC SCC has only 5 or fewer students per instructional computer

6 Technical Support at SCC Technical Support for Faculty and Staff takes place the next day

7 Internet Access at SCC 100% of all instructional rooms and administrative offices are connected to the Internet

8 Classroom Connectivity at SCC All classrooms have direct connectivity with sufficient bandwidth to prevent delays

9 Other SCC Technology Faculty members use: VCRs Cable TV Telephones Voicemail Random Access Videos Personal Digital Assistants Projection Devices Digital Cameras Scanners

10 Professional Development at SCC Professional development is achieved through Trainer-led instruction Online mentoring One-on-one tutorials with technical assistants Complete availability of technology department staff (“anytime, anywhere”)

11 Professional Development at SCC Part of the reason why SCC’s evaluation is the Mid rather than High Tech range is that less than 10% of the technology budget is allocated to professional development

12 Use of Digital Content at SCC SCC educators are at the adaptation phase of understanding and use of digital content in the classroom Not many have reached Appropriation Invention

13 Purchasing Digital Content at SCC In order for SCC to purchase digital content… its entire budget is scrutinized as appropriate necessary funds from textbooks are re- allocated

14 Digital Content at SCC Digital Content and Tools to Support Production and Collaboration Prepackaged software CD-ROM and online content Manipulatable digital content and commercially available tools

15 Digital Content Use at SCC Students’ use of Digital Content ResearchCommunicationsPresentations

16 Digital Content Use at SCC 50% of students use digital content on a weekly basis for… Word processing Email Internet research

17 Educators’ Roles at SCC Facilitate in local or distant classrooms Fully integrate digital content into instruction and use for – Research – Planning – Multimedia presentations and simulations – Correspondence/ communication

18 Technology Benefits for SCC Students Technology helps the SCC student Demonstrate improved basic skills SCC is working toward assisting students in The mastery of the full range of 21 st century skills

19 SCC’s Use of Technology Only 25% of SCC use technology for continuous improvement by aligning Standards Curriculum Assessment SCC does not yet monitor and measure results to inform new instructional decisions

20 SCC Faculty and Digital Integration Only 25% of SCC faculty integrate digital strategies into assessment SCC fails to Experiment with additional formats, such as self-assessment tools Use multiple formats including project-based assessment, portfolios, and simulations Evaluate student mastery in multiple formats

21 Student Access to Technology at SCC Unfortunately, only some students have continuous access to technology to reinforce basic skills. Many… Cannot access the Internet at times other than school hours Cannot access digital content at times other than school hours Do not have the opportunity to achieve and receive mediation

22 The Use of Research by SCC Faculty & Staff 50% review external research and apply it appropriately 50% conduct internal research on program effectiveness 50% use instructional technology for planning 25% use instructional technology in the classroom

23 Administrators & Technology at SCC Administrators use technology To collect data Communicate with colleagues Initiate data- driven decision making Administrators should also Set policies Analyze performance Manage/monitor continuous improvement

24 Technology & the SCC Community Students’ families and community members use technology to Communicate via email Access some school information and resources from home

25 Contributing Factors to SCC’s Current Instructional Technology Status Sufficient equipment Available technology support staff Some professional development for training Some instructors demonstrating their successful technology integration stories with others

26 Overview of SCC’s Current Education Technology Profile SCC currently has the means to assist instructors in using technology with Internet programs Reference material Word processing and database use Full streaming video

27 Necessary Improvements for SCC Instructional Technology Further training for faculty Promoting interest in technology among faculty & staff Further training for staff

28 Plans for Increased Technology Integration at SCC Additional faculty & staff group training Additional one-on-one training Availability of laptops for class use Greater interactive faculty web pages Additional online class offerings

29 Instructional Technology Contacts at SCC Dr. Ronald Kessler, Director of Instructional Technology Ed Pendry, Assistant Director Santiago Canyon College Website—

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