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Quotation Marks and Italics

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1 Quotation Marks and Italics

2 Quotation Marks Use quotation marks to enclose ONLY direct quotations---exact words Example: Melanie said, “This car is making a very strange noise.” “Maybe we should pull over,” suggested Amy. She shouted, “We can win, team!”

3 Quotation Marks Do not use quotation marks with indirect quotations…
Examples Stephanie said that she was going to wash the car. The student said that he had already completed the project.

4 Quotation Marks Direct quotes generally begin with a capital letter.
Examples: Explaining the lever, Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world. Miss Perez answered, “The rest of the chapter, of course.

5 Quotation Marks When an interrupting expression divides a quoted sentence into two parts, the second part begins with a lowercase letter. Examples: “I wish,” she said, “that we went to the same school.” “I know,” I answered, “but at least we are friends.”

6 Quotation Marks Direct quotes can be set off from the rest of the sentence by a quotation mark, exclamation point, a question mark…but not a period. Basically, you can end a quote with any of these types of punctuation and continue your sentence.

7 Quotation Marks Rules for where to place punctuation:
Commas and periods are placed INSIDE closing QM Semicolons and colons are placed OUTSIDE closing QM Question marks and exclamation points are placed INSIDE closing QM…if the quote itself is quote or an exclamation…otherwise, they go outside

8 Italics/Underlining with Titles
When typing, you should use italics When handwriting, you should use underlining You should never use both Although people do it all the time for emphasis in things such as notes…it’s not proper to do in formal English!

9 Italics/Underlining with Titles
Books To Kill a Mockingbird Drivers Ed Plays Romeo and Juliet Driving Miss Daisy Movies Gone with the Wind Night at the Museum Newspapers Mobile Press USA Today Magazines People Sports Illustrated, Seventeen Television Series CSI Miami Mythbusters Works of Art Mona Lisa The Thinker

10 Italics/Underlining with Titles
Ships Titanic Holiday Airplanes Enola Gay Spirit of St. Louis Spacecraft Columbia Apollo Book Length Poems Odyssey Illiad Long Musical Compositions (CD Titles) Swan Lake Leave This Town Foreign Words semper fidelis carpe diem Words Used as Words The word Mississippi has four s’s and four i’s.

11 Quotation Marks with Titles
Articles “What Teenagers Need To Know about Diets Essays “Charley in Yellowstone” “An Apartment in Yellowstone” Short Stories “The Most Dangerous Game” “The Necklace” Poems “The Raven” “Fifteen” Songs “Home” “Sweet Caroline” Episodes of TV Series “The Sure Thing” “Monarch in Waiting” Book Chapters “The Talk of the Town” “Life in the First Settlement”

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