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Writing Objectives Given proper instruction teachers will be able to write one objective within their curricular area.

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1 Writing Objectives Given proper instruction teachers will be able to write one objective within their curricular area.

2 Walk through video Now, lets take it to another level

3 Sample Objective Students will list 3 acts of aggression by Axis powers and be able to explain the rationale behind the British Appeasement process.

4 Strategies used in teaching this Objective
Listening, speaking, reading, writing Pair Share Checking for Understanding Whiteboard

5 Learning objective is measurable and understood by each student
Daily objective and unit objective is clarified through the Unit Organizer Objectives are tied to CA Standards and essential questions in Unit Organizers. Visible: written on the board/poster/syllabus; Objective should be visible all period. Visible does not mean understood!

6 Partner Discussion What is one way we can get students engaged and to understand today's objective?
Starter: One way I convey the learning objective to my students is by…………………….. Writing it on the white board. Pre-select Randomly call Volunteers Chart answers

7 Research According to Marzano(2003)Not only do students learn more effectively when they know what they are supposed to be learning and why that learning is important to them, but teachers teach more effectively when they have the same information

8 What are Instructional Objectives?
Instructional objectives are specific, measurable, short-term, observable student behaviors. Objectives are the foundation upon which you can build lessons and assessments that you can prove meet your overall course or lesson goals. Think of objectives as tools you use to make sure you reach your goals. They are the arrows you shoot towards your target (goal).

9 Purpose for Objectives
By knowing where you intend to go, you increase the chances of you and the learner ending up there Guides the teacher relative to the planning of the instruction, delivery of instruction and evaluation of student achievement Guides the learner; helps them focus and set priorities Allows for analysis of the teaching and learning

10 Plan for the day vs. Objective
Students will complete section 4 review, civil war battles, questions 1-8 Students will identify and list 3 major battles of the civil war

11 Learning objective is measurable and understood by each student
Objective is written, stated, and restated in student friendly language throughout the lesson Objective is written in measurable terms: (Demonstrate, list, show, define, evaluate, explain, identify. See list of usable verbs used in Bloom’s taxonomy.

12 Brainstorm What are ways we can build in the objective throughout the lesson?
Starter: One way we can include the objective throughout the lesson is to………………. Have a student complete a sentence stem with a term from the objective. One volunteer from each table reports out. Chart ideas

13 Writing Learning Objectives Three major components
1. The condition in which the teacher will expect the student to gain their knowledge; example- Given a list of Vocabulary words 2. The behavioral term- what the students will do. Something you can measure or observe; Example- Define 5 terms 3. The Criterion- How are you going to measure if they have met the objective- Test, Quiz, Exit slip

14 Behavioral Component:
Express the type of task required of the student (define, list, solve) Action Verb Precisely describes students observable act

15 Behavioral Terms The student presents an impromptu speech
The student draws a diagram of a combustion engine The student identifies the location of the fifty states.

16 Bloom’s Taxonomy

17 Knowledge level Verbs Define List Repeat Relate Name Recall Draw

18 Comprehension level Verbs
Restate Discuss Describe Identify Locate Report Explain Express

19 Application level Verbs
Translate Interpret Apply Practice Illustrate Operate Demonstrate Sketch Employ Schedule Dramatize

20 Analysis level Verbs Distinguish Differentiate Appraise Analyze
Calculate Criticize Compare Contrast Examine Test Relate Experiment

21 Synthesis level Verbs Compose Plan Propose Design Assemble Create
Prepare Formulate Organize Manage Construct Set-up

22 Evaluation level Verbs
Judge Appraise Evaluate Revise Score Select Measure Value Estimate Choose Compute Assess

23 Avoid ambiguous Terms Know comprehend understand Appreciate
familiarize Study Be aware Cover learn Realize

24 Sample learning objectives in terms of Condition and Behavioral terms.
Given a map of the United States, the students will be able to label the 4 major economic regions of the United States. Given the Periodic Table of the Elements, Students will relate the position of an element in the periodic table to its atomic number and atomic mass. Given a short story, the students will be able to identify similes and metaphors. Given a lecture and research, students will be able to list the events that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor

25 Ask Yourself Does the Learning Objective stem from a course goal?
Is the learning objective MEASURABLE? Does the objective specify appropriate conditions for performance? Is the objective written in terms of observable, behavioral outcomes? Does the objective utilize an effective action verb that targets the desired level of performance?

26 Partner Discussion What is one way we can get the learning objective to be part of the EDI closure component One way I will close my lesson with the objective is by……………. Pre-select Volunteers Randomly call

27 Recommendations for success
In view of the students at all times Related to current lesson and standard based Referred to during instruction to make learning relevant and focused May be used as a closure Teacher believes they are the arrows that lead to Bull's-eye Self-Assessment………… What do I want my students to learn? How will I know my students “got it”? What am I going to do differently if they didn’t “get it”?

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