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Module 2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained Welcome to the Unit.

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1 Module 2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained Welcome to the Unit

2 The most beautiful thing one can experience is mysteries. They are truly the basis of all arts and sciences. Albert Einstein

3 UFO UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.

4 Yeti A Yeti is reported to be half-man and half-beast. Have you heard of it?

5 Crop circles

6 Stonehenge

7 Module 2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained Boy missing, police puzzled

8 Look at some pictures from the textbook. What do you think has happened to the boy?

9 Read the passage quickly and answer these questions. 1. What is the article about? It is about a missing boy, UFO and aliens. 2. When was Justin last seen? 3. Who is in charge of the case? Justin Foster was last seen Friday night. Detective Sam Peterson.

10 C1 page 2 Read the passage again and answer these questions. 1. Which city does Justin Foster live in? In Dover.

11 2. What did Justin do with friends last Friday? 3. What time did Justin get back home that night? He went to play baseball with two friends. At abut 11 p.m.

12 4. What does Kelly think happened to her brother? 5. What color are the aliens according to Kelly? She thinks the aliens took her brother. The aliens had white skin and large black eyes.

13 6. What happened to Mrs. Mavis Wood? 7. What do the police think about the incident? She was once taken away by aliens too. They do not yet know what happened to Justin.

14 A newspaper article always gives details to support the main points of the story. Write down the supporting details for each point below.

15 Main points: Justin Foster went missing. Supporting details: Mrs. foster thought ___________________________ _______. Justin Foster _____________________________. he was spending the night with a friend didn’t show up at the family lunch

16 Main points: Justin Foster returned home. Supporting details: Justin’s friends said ________________________________ ___________. Justin went home after playing baseball with them

17 Supporting details: Witnesses said _________________________ ____________________________. Kelly heard ____________________________________ ______________. they saw Justin walking towards his house at 10.45 p.m him put on his favorite CD after he went to his room

18 Main points: Justin Foster was taken away by aliens. Supporting details: Kelly saw ____________________________. a large spaceship flying outside

19 Supporting details: Kelly heard ___________. Mavis Wood said ______________________________ __________________________. Justin shout the aliens took her away so that they could do research on her

20 D page 4E page 5 1 g 2 d 3 h 4 e 5 c 6 a 7 f 8 b 1 evidence 2 amazing 3 creatures 4 construction 5 dismissed 6 incident 7 spaceship 8 making up

21 Reading strategy: reading a newspaper article title the first paragraph the following paragraphs to give a general idea about the news to tell readers “who” “when” “where” “what” “why” “how” to give detailed but less important information

22 “A boy missing, police puzzled” the first paragraph the following paragraphs evidence given by Justin’s parents, sister, neighbors … a boy named Justin last Friday night went missing unknown Who When What why It’s about a missing boy.

23 Read the diary of Kelly. Fill in the blanks with proper words. Justin has been missing for two weeks now. I miss him a lot. I’m worried that something ____ has happened to him. I’m sure he came home that night at around 11 p.m. I heard him put on his _________ CD. I wonder where the ______ with large black eyes have taken him. bad favorite aliens

24 Mavis told me that _________ from outer space took her away a few years ago. They did some research on her. The whole experience was very frightening, just like a __________ but at least they returned her home. I hope they will return _______ soon. creatures nightmare Justin

25 The police are _____ making much progress. They are very ________. Now they are searching for other _________. They say Justin might have been __________. Dad is very disappointed with them. He doesn’t think they are doing their job properly. not puzzled witnesses murdered

26 Mum is really ________ too. She can’t sleep well. I hope Justin will come ______ soon and tell us what happened to him. I want all of us to be ________ again. worried home together

27 Homework for today A1 & A2 on page 86.

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