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What’s Going on in the Kindergarten Classroom? 2013 Pawnee Elementary.

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1 What’s Going on in the Kindergarten Classroom? 2013 Pawnee Elementary

2 Welcome to Kindergarten It is so exciting to see all the new faces! We are looking forward to working with you and your child to make kindergarten a success. We will do an overview of many of the skills learned in kindergarten and some activities that your child will participate in.

3 Knowledge of Print Students will –Know the difference between letters and words –Name the letters in words –Know the parts of a book (cover, back, title page, etc) –Point to the words as an adult reads

4 Phonological Awareness Students will… –Produce rhymes found in songs, poems, and predictable text –Identify sounds heard in words (Beginning, middle, and end) –Make new words using sounds

5 Word Analysis Students can… –Read kindergarten high frequency words –Identify upper/lowercase letters –Identify the letter sounds –Write letters correctly –Use sounds to spell words while writing

6 Fluency Students will be able to… –Read with expression and pause at punctuation marks –Repeat language patterns in whole group read alouds –Read text at reading level

7 Vocabulary Students will be able to… –Use learned vocabulary in new situations –Use pictures to read words –Use word walls, peers, and teachers to read and write words –Recognize and use high frequency words

8 Comprehension Students will be able to –Discuss story elements of a book (characters, setting, problem, events, conclusion) –Sequence a story –Discuss authors and illustrators and what they do –Identify the main idea of a story –Make connections (text to text, text to self, text to world) –Make predictions using pictures and titles –Respond to text verbally, in writing, or through art

9 Number Sense Students will be able to –Count, Read, and write 0-20 –Make groups of numbers –Understand a five-frame and ten-frame –Sequence numbers –Match numbers to the quantity –Addition –Subtraction –Position of whole numbers 5 is between 2 and 10

10 Geometry/Measurement -Sort and name shapes -Demonstrate positional words -Identify/name and amount of penny, nickel, dime, quarter -Identify time to the hour -Measure using nonstandard units -Compare objects by length

11 Algebraic Concepts -Sort by color, shape or size -Create own rule for sorting -Model situations that involve adding and subtracting

12 Analysis/Probability Concepts -Sort and classify objects by an attribute (size, color, shape) -Identify the attributes for sorted data -Compare the attributes of the data (most, least, same)

13 Social Studies Students will… -Identify yesterday, today, and tomorrow -Learn about families and the community -Get along with others and follow school rules -Recognize the globe as a model of the earth

14 Science Students will… -Identify seasonal and daily weather changes -Describe and sort materials -Understand how living things change as they grow

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