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Office of School Counseling Sophomore Night Our Lady of Mercy Academy March 12, 2015.

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1 Office of School Counseling Sophomore Night Our Lady of Mercy Academy March 12, 2015

2 Naviance Program Standardized Testing Information Regents Requirements & Course Information Student Athlete NCAA Guidelines Questions and Answers

3 College Admission Representatives are looking at a number of factors: Transcript – Grade Point Average for 9 th, 10 th & 11 th grade as well as senior grades. Activities - What does the student do besides go to high school? SAT and/or ACT scores Your College Essay will tell a story about you. Next fall at Junior College Night, we will invite a College Admissions Representative to share their insights with you about the college process.

4 WHO: All enrolled Sophomores and Juniors will take the exam WHAT: Students are tested on CRITICAL READING, MATH and WRITING in order to prepare for the SAT. This test is used as the qualifying test for National Merit Scholarship. WHEN: October WHERE: Our Lady of Mercy Academy during the school day WHY: To help students prepare for the SAT HOW: Students are automatically registered for the exam by the Office of School Counseling For more information about the PSAT please visit:

5 Each section is scored out of 80 points. Add a zero onto each section of your results to give you an idea of what you would score on the SAT. This test is to show your strengths and weaknesses and it does not go on your transcript and is not sent to colleges. Booklets and tests are given back with the test results so that students can review their answers along with their score report. Junior results are used to determine if they qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program given by CollegeBoard. Students are given a personalized access code on their score report which is designed to help each student review their results –We strongly encourage that they take advantage of this tool!

6 WHAT: 3 hour (without the essay) and 3 hour 50 minute(with essay) aptitude exam that measures ability to critically reason, apply mathematical concepts and write. Each section is out of 800 points. WHO: Juniors and Seniors WHEN: Students typically take the SAT in March or May of their Junior year and October of their Senior year. WHERE: Students will register to take the SAT at their home districts or at a test center closest to them. OLMA is not a testing center. WHY: The SAT is required by most four year colleges and some two year colleges for admission purposes. HOW: Students can register online at Deadline dates are listed on the CollegeBoard website and on the OLMA calendar. In order to register students must create an account with CollegeBoard. Please note late fees apply if registration deadlines are not

7 SAT Changes for the Class of 2017 Students will only be tested on two sections; Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math. There will be an optional essay section. Scores will be out of 1600 points and the Essay section will be scored separately. Students will no longer be penalized for wrong answers. Credit will be given for every correct response. Score reports will provide students a more detailed view of their abilities and achievement in specific skills. All SAT changes are listed on the handout in your folder.

8 WHAT: SAT II Subject Reasoning Tests are one hour exams offered in many different subject areas. WHEN: Tests are offered at the same time as the SAT. Students are advised to take Subject tests in June at the end of the academic subject, however they may take them at any time. WHERE: Students will take Subject Tests at their home district or at a test center closest to them. WHO: Students who are strong in the subject area – 85 or better, may consider taking them. We also suggest talking to your subject teacher if you are unsure if you should take a certain exam. WHY: Subject tests are meant to complement your application. Ivy League colleges and some highly selective colleges will require 2-3 subject tests in addition to the SAT when reviewing your application. HOW: Students will register with CollegeBoard the same way they register for the SAT. Three subject tests can be taken in one day.

9 WHO: Juniors and Seniors. WHAT: The ACT is a 3 ½ hour achievement test that is out of 36 points and has four sections: ENGLISH, MATH, READING and SCIENCE. The WRITING section is considered optional and is an additional 30 minutes, however students should register for it. WHEN: The ACT is offered in September, October, December, April and June. It is never offered on the same day as the SAT. WHERE: Students will take the ACT at their home district or at a test center closest to them. WHY: By taking both the SAT and ACT you have the option to send either set of scores, whichever you scored stronger in. Colleges will accept either test for admission purposes. The ACT is an assessment related to what you have learned in high school and some students prefer the format to the SAT. HOW: Students can register online at Reminder: It is important to send all score results to OLMA, as well as,

10 99% of the schools super score either the SAT and/or ACT depending on which test the student sends. What that means is that they will take the highest scores on multiple tests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. May SATOctober SAT Math 625Math 550 Critical Reading 640Critical Reading 650 Writing 710Writing 700 The colleges will super score and take the highest composite score for both the SAT and ACT. Students will not be penalized for their lower scores. Know when you want to take SAT, SAT II ( and/or ACT ( and sign up through their It is important to do some type of prep work for both exams, know what you are being tested on!

11 CoursesNYSOLMA English44 Social Studies44 Math33 Science33 Health0.5 The Arts12 Theology04 Languages other than English 13 Physical Education 22 Sequence Courses/Electives 3.5 TOTAL Required2229 ExaminationsRegents Diploma Advanced Regents Diploma RE EnglishYes RE MathematicsYes 2 nd RE Mathematics NoYes 3 rd RE Mathematics NoYes RE Global History & Gov’t Yes RE US History & Gov’t Yes RE Science (Living Environment) Yes 2 nd RE ScienceNoYes Languages other than English (FLACS) NoYes

12 Takes place after the 2nd quarter is completed. All courses are available to view on our OLMA website. Students must meet the pre-requisites for Honors, AP & College level courses Students are assisted by their School Counselor and teachers to plan for the appropriate course load. TYPICAL SCHEDULE FOR A JUNIOR/ SENIOR Math Science English History Foreign Language Theology Physical Education Elective Lunch

13 Honors Courses Offered in Math, Science, and English. Advanced Placement Courses (AP) Rigorous college level courses a student can take in high school. Exams are given in May and are scored on a scale from 1-5. Some colleges will give credit to students who receive a 4 or above on an AP exam. The student’s grade is weighted on her transcript. Ten AP courses are offered at OLMA in core subject areas. College Courses Offered in conjunction with St. John’s University, Farmingdale State College and Molloy College for a fee. Courses in English, Science, Foreign Language, and Philosophy. Open to Juniors (Science only) and Seniors. Students may receive college credits upon completion. It is up to the student to research whether the college of their choice will grant credit.

14 Students who wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students need to qualify academically and will also need to be cleared as an amateur student-athlete. Checklist for College-Bound Student Athletes: Register at the beginning of your junior year at Request in your Naviance Family Connection to have your transcript sent electronically to the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of your junior year. Take the ACT or SAT and use the code “9999” to have your official scores sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Make sure you are on track to graduate on time with your class and have the required amount of core courses. Request final amateurism certification during your senior year from the NCAA Eligibility Center. Request the Office of School Counseling to submit your final transcript with proof of graduation to the NCAA Eligibility Center.


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