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CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 1 Rational ClearQuest Michel Izygon - Jim Helm.

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1 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 1 Rational ClearQuest Michel Izygon - Jim Helm

2 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 2 Tools: What & Why Any computer-based tools which attempt to support some aspect(s) of the software life-cycle Becomes more necessary as projects become more complex Help team members work together  central repository of artifacts produced  coordinate workers activities  implement process  give visibility to project status Automate some developers tasks  initially compilers and linkers, then editors, then debuggers,...  computer better than human for certain tedious tasks

3 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 3 Tools Overview Multiple Categories covering different Workflows  Project Management: ClearQuest, SoDA  Business Modeling: Requisite Pro, Rose  Requirements: Requisite Pro  Analysis and Design: Rose  Implementation: Rose, Purify, Quantify  Testing: Test Factory, PureCoverage, Robot  Configuration Management: ClearCase  Deployment:  Environment:  Iteration:

4 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 4 ClearQuest Tool covering Change Request Management Used for Project Management and over entire lifecycle Addresses the single largest cost factor in software development: CHANGE Help an Organization manage change and track product defects over the entire life cycle Change Requests on any artifact created during the software development effort. CR tracked from input to disposition through the different states (submitted, assigned, opened, resolved, verified, postponed)

5 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 5 ClearQuest Key Features Workflow completely customizable Enable integration with existing source control and testing software Comprehensive Reporting capability gives entire visibility on project quality status with trends, aging and distribtion plots Web interface enables easy input of Change Request from remote team members Workers receive email notification of CRs states Associate Change Requests with evolving software development artifacts, across multiple products, versions, platforms and releases Scale up for Large Scale Development effort

6 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 6 Three Key Components ClearQuest  submit, modify, track CR  analyze progress through queries, charts, reports ClearQuest Designer  for Administrator  customize pocesses  manage database  administer users and users groups ClearQuest Web  access db through the web  submit CR, run queries

7 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 7 What is a Change Request (CR) Enhancement Request Defect Report Documentation Modification Contains:  title  description field  project/component it applies to  severity  priority Goes from Submitted to Assigned to Open, Pospone, Approved, Closed,…. Called a Record in ClearQuest

8 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 8 Customization Forms  add field  characterize Read Only fields Type of record  software defects, engineering CR,... Automatically send email to team members Restrict Actions to specific users groups Define States and associated actions Assign users privileges for queries creation

9 CSCI 4931 - ClearQuest 9 Reporting Set of predefined reports, queries, charts  trend, aging, historical information  defects by assigned engineers  defects by state and severity Create your own reports  use any property to define report  example: –how fast CRs are resolved –which component has a lot of defects –what defects have been fixed in a release

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