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Media in GB Simona Ferulíková, 4.B. newspapers television radio magazines agencies.

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1 Media in GB Simona Ferulíková, 4.B

2 newspapers television radio magazines agencies

3 The Tabloids The Broadsheets Size- smaller, narrower Language - short, clear, dramatic Cost- cheaper Circulation- thirteen million people/day Photos- several on each page Colours - mixture of all Content- famous people, sport bigger, wider difficult words, long sentences more expensive three million people/day just two on each page colours world news, important events Newspapers

4 Newspapers The Broadsheets Daily Telegraph- 1855, The Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times- Pearson PLC, 1888, was merged with Financial News, daily reads by 2,2 milion people, international The Guardian- leftist, 1821, sooner The Manchester Guardian, published by Guardin Newspapers Limited, Mondey- Sunday The Independent- 1986, based by 3 former members of The Daily Telegraph, A. J. Lebeděv, 2004 won British Press Awards The Times- 1785, Times Newspapers- Times Corporation- Rupert Murdoch, center- right daily, The New York Times, The Sunday Times


6 Newspapers The Tabloids Daily Mirror- 1903, Alfred Harmsworth, more than 1 million copies a day Daily Express- published by Express Newspapers (Daily Sunday, …) Daily Mail - 1896, sister paper The Mail on Sunday (1982), owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust, was the first British paper to sell a million copies a day The Sun- 1964, owner Rupert Murdoch, has one of the largest circulation


8 Television BBC One- the main TV channel, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1936 the first public television channel in the world, a lot of names BBC Two- 1964, the first broadcasting in colours ITV- commercial TV station, 1955 Channel Four- public service broadcasting, programmes like Big Brother nad English original of our Czech Partička Channel Five Five

9 Radio BBC Radio3- operated by BBC, classical music, opera, but also world music, culture or the arts BBC Radio4 BBC London- general indication of radios in London operated by BBC Classic FM Kiss Virgin- private, global

10 Magazines BBC Good Food BBC History BBC Top Gear BBC Gardener‘s World Focus Guardian Weekly GQ - men‘s magazine Nature New scientist Sight and sound- films reviews Tatler- fashion, coverage of high society The Economist The Spectator- critique of society, ironic view Vanity Fair- popular culture, fashion

11 Agencies Press Association Reuters - the first news agency, accent on the use of modern technology in the media, today joint-stock company

12 Thank you for your atention!

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