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Bill Clinton The 42 nd President Kristyn LeGrande Mr. Haskell American Government 02 November 2007.

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1 Bill Clinton The 42 nd President Kristyn LeGrande Mr. Haskell American Government 02 November 2007

2 Childhood & Educational Background Bill Clinton was born in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. His birth name is William Jefferson Blythe IV. (Named after his father) Graduated from high school in 1964 Attended College at Georgetown University in Washington D.C Elected class President his Junior & Senior years in college. Helped to earn money for school expenses by working as an intern for the U.S Senate. Clinton won a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford in England, and he spent two years in Oxford’s graduate program after graduating from Georgetown. In 1970 Clinton enrolled at Yale University to study for a degree in law. He met his wife, Hilary Rodham Clinton, at Yale. Taught at the University of Arkansas Law School

3 Family & Social Life Married Hilary Clinton on October 11, 1975 Has one daughter, Chelsea Victoria Clinton (born February 27, 1980) Hillary & Bill tried the beset they could to raise Chelsea as normal as they possibly could even though they were two active figures in the world. Bill Clinton golfed, jogged, and played the saxophone. The family loved to travel (Air Force One) Allegations of sexual misconduct had been a constant of his adult life.

4 Professional Life Early in life Clinton became a lawyer In 1974, Clinton entered his 1 st political race, campaigning for a seat in the U.S House of Representatives. (He lost in a very close race) 1976: Campaigned to be attorney general of Arkansas Took public office in 1977 Became Governor of Arkansas in 1979 Ran for President in the 1992 election On January 20, 1993, Clinton was sworn in as president.

5 Political Life/Presidency Clinton maintained a strong core of support from those who had elected him, principally African Americans, women, and blue-collar workers in the Northeast and Midwest. One of the most forceful champions of civil rights for minorities and equality for women. Focused on improving the economy. He believed that the key was reducing government spending and the huge deficits that occurred in the federal budget each year because government spending exceeded its revenues.

6 Presidency Continued In his first term, Clinton was able to reach a compromise with the Republicans on one major initiative, welfare reform. He signed a bill in 1996 reforming the old system of welfare payments and instituting a welfare-to-work program. In 1998 the House impeached the president. Clinton was charged with perjury, for not being truthful before a federal grand jury, and obstruction of justice, for trying to influence the testimony of others. In 1999 the Senate tried Clinton but defeated the articles of impeachment and did not remove him from office. He had an emphasis on foreign policy which is known as economic globalism. Clinton’s most significant achievement as president was eliminating the federal budget deficit. When he left office, the nation was running a surplus instead of a deficit. His economic policies helped produce the longest period of sustained economic growth in the nation’s history. Changed the nation’s politics by moving the Democratic Party more to the center of the political spectrum. Some of his conduct and his tendencies to evade the truth cost him the personal respect of the American people, even when they approved of his leadership. He never fulfilled his campaign promises to overhaul the country’s health-care system and reform campaign-finance laws.

7 Post Presidency In 1999 he & his wife moved to Chappaqua, New York. Hilary was sworn in a U.S Senate seat November of 2000 Clinton eventually wrote a book Clinton granted Presidential pardons to 140 people.

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