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Funding Application Advice Session. BBC Children in Need "BBC Children in Need's vision is that every child in UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood.

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1 Funding Application Advice Session

2 BBC Children in Need "BBC Children in Need's vision is that every child in UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential"

3 ESSENTIALS… Children & Young People Must Be: 18 years and Under & Living in the UK ‘IN NEED’ - Illness / Distress / Neglect / Abuse - Any Kind of Disability - Behaviour or Psychological Difficulties - Living in Poverty / Deprivation

4 WHO Do We Fund? Not For Profit Organisations Which Have: – A Constitution or Governing Document – A Management Committee – A Bank Account with 2 Unrelated Cheque Signatories – Annual Accounts – A Written Child Protection Policy

5 What Do We Fund? Revenue and capital, salaries, sessional staff, training, volunteer expenses, travel costs, venue hire, equipment. Projects including: Youth ClubsArts activities Holiday PlayschemesOutdoor play Mentoring/befriendingPlay groups Play opportunities Family support Afterschool clubsSports activities

6 We Do Not Fund Retrospective Funding Relief Of Statutory Responsibility Applications from local government or NHS bodies Medical Research Or Pregnancy Advice Projects Unable To Start Within 12 Months Distribution To Other Organisations Promotion of Any Religion Trips abroad General awareness raising Bursaries, sponsored places, fees or equivalent

7 We Do Not Fund Individuals Distribution to another/other organisation for example a PTA applying on behalf of a school. General appeal or endowment funds Deficit funding or repayment of loans Retrospective funding Projects unable to start within 12 months of the grant award date

8 Child Focus We only fund child-focused projects The project/service should have clear positive outcomes for the child Important to involve children in developing planning and evaluating the project If you’re seeking funding for a salary, the post should be focussed on delivering outcomes for disadvantaged children for at least 70% of the time

9 Safeguarding Organisations must provide evidence that they will protect children and young people while in their care and support them to develop Organisations must have their own Child Protection Policy and Procedures which everyone including children and young people know and use in their day to day work. Appropriate checks need to be made for all staff, volunteers and management committee working directly with - or with access to children and young people or information about children and young people

10 Safeguarding All staff, volunteers and management committee members receive child protection training which is relevant to their role and updated on a regular basis. Organisations must take appropriate steps to ensure that children in their car are safe eg by conducting risk assessments for activities, by ensuring supervisory staff hold relevant qualifications and providing adequate training to volunteers.

11 The Application Process There Are 2 Grant Programmes: Small Grants Up to £10,000 – One year Only Main Grants Over £10,000 per year – Maximum 3 years Applicants can only apply to one of the grant programmes within a 12 month period All the information you need to apply including application forms can be found at our website:

12 The Application Process Small Grants Application Deadline What Happens NextDecision 1 September 1 December 1 February 1 April 1 June If the application is eligible the applicant and nominated referee will need to be available during the month following the deadline November February April June August

13 The Application Process Main Grants Application Deadline What Happens NextDecision 15 September 15 January There is an Initial Application Process If successful the initial brief application will proceed to the next stage within two weeks The applicant will then be invited to submit a full application within one month Mid February Mid June

14 The Application Process Online applications only Save your application and return to it later – saves for 120 days Quick and easy Groups who already hold a grant will be contacted to discuss continuation funding.

15 4-Step Guide to Developing an Application Provide a Description of Disadvantage Using Children in Need Guidelines Consider How the Type of Disadvantage Affects the Lives of the Children/Young People Demonstrate the Need For Your Project (How Does it Address the Disadvantage?) Describe the Positive Differences You Aim to Achieve

16 Common Reasons for Failure Missing Information Insufficient Evidence of Disadvantage Project Not Sufficiently Focused on Children The Majority of Young People are Aged 18 & Over Capacity - The Organisation Does Not Have Management Skills/Experience/Finance Project focussed on awareness raising Project delivered in school time Competition - Higher Request Amount = Higher Standard Expected

17 Finally … Contacts: General Helpline 0345 609 0015 Regional Officer North West Angela Burrows (Salford Quays 0161 335 8861)

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