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Reaching Out - Empowering Young People Agenda 2.15 pm Introduction Overview of Reaching Out: Empowering Young People Overview of other Big Lottery Fund.

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1 Reaching Out - Empowering Young People Agenda 2.15 pm Introduction Overview of Reaching Out: Empowering Young People Overview of other Big Lottery Fund programmes 3.15pm Q & A Session 3.30 pm Networking / opportunity for discussion with BIG staff 4.00 pm FINISH Slide 1

2 Slide 2 Big Lottery Fund Mission The Big Lottery Fund is committed to bringing real improvements to communities and to the lives of people most in need.

3 Slide 3 Reaching Out – Empowering Young People Programme Outcome More young people at risk have the necessary support structures, capacity, improved personal development and improved skills to help them negotiate the transitions in their lives.

4 Reaching Out – Empowering Young People Budget £20m Northern Ireland wide Programme launched 22 nd June 2010 Open for two years Slide 4

5 Reaching Out – Empowering Young People Focus on young people aged between 8 and 20 Projects last from three to five years Involve young people in designing, developing and running projects Target young people ‘at risk’ Slide 5

6 Reaching Out – Empowering Young People ‘At risk’ means young people who are: In care, leaving care or who have been in care Engaging, or at risk of engaging, in criminal activity Disengaged from education The projects we fund must target at least one of these ‘at risk’ groups. Slide 6

7 Slide 7 Beneficiary and Community Involvement –Identifying the need –Planning the project –Designing the project –Delivery –Monitoring –Evaluation

8 Slide 8 Overall aim Milestones 20 young care leavers trained as peer support volunteers by March 2010 Young people in care will be positively engaged in the community Intended outcomes An extra 70 young people in care will be involved in community activity annually

9 15 April 2008 Reaching Out – Empowering Young People Who can apply? Voluntary or community organisations Grant sizes: £100,000 to £500,000

10 Programme Guidance –Available on our Website: 1.Guidance Notes 2.Questions and Answers 3.Application Walk Through Slide 10

11 Revenue costs –Eligible revenue costs e.g. salaries of project workers –Overheads (full cost recovery) –Ineligible revenue costs e.g. loans Slide 11

12 Capital costs –Eligible capital costs e.g. minor refurbishment and equipment necessary for the delivery of the project –Ineligible costs e.g. routine maintenance and leaseholds Slide 12

13 Reaching Out How to apply Two stage process: 1.Outline Proposal Form - Decision within 20 days 2. Full Application Form - Decision within six months Slide 13

14 Outline Proposal Form –This is a decision stage, so plan it well –You can only submit one Outline Proposal Form at a time –We will check if your organisation is eligible to apply –We will check that your initial project costs are eligible –We will identify if your project meets the programme outcome Slide 14

15 Outline Proposal Form (continued) –Have you identified and involved the At Risk groups? –Are they involved in the planning, delivery and day to day running of the project? –Provide clear, recent evidence of need (e.g. audits, research, pilot projects, statistics, evaluations) –Provide recent evidence of consultation (e.g. surveys, focus groups, public meetings) –Provide outcomes that clearly show the difference your project will make to the At Risk groups Slide 15

16 Slide 16 How will we respond to the Outline Proposal Form Either 1.An invitation to submit a full application plus:  Outline of areas of concern and suggestions for improvements to your project, which you will need to address in your full application form  Capital check list (if applicable)  Full application form Or 2.An explanation as to why we have decided not to invite you to submit a full application.  If unsuccessful, you must wait three months before submitting another OPF

17 The Full Application Form Slide 17

18 Slide 18 Completing the Full Application Make sure you consider: Project planning, including beneficiaries Project budget/costs Relevant policies and procedures – see “Equality Matters” and “Good Governance Guide” Need for the project and how the project will address that need How the project will achieve its outcomes, milestones and fulfil monitoring requirements How the project meets the programme outcome

19 Slide 19 Completing the Full Application (continued) –Application Forms will not be accepted unless preceded by a successful Outline Proposal Form –We will check to see that you have taken on board the feedback provided at Outline Proposal Stage –Your project must not have changed significantly from the project you proposed in your Outline Proposal Form –Enclose your most recent approved annual accounts

20 Slide 20 Assessment Applications will be assessed against the following criteria: 1.The proposed project outcomes meet an identified need and help achieve the programme outcome 2.The organisation can deliver the project well and achieve the proposed project outcomes

21 Decision Making Committee Decision Making Meetings at regular intervals Young People involved Advertisement in Belfast Telegraph Closing date mid-October Slide 21

22 Slide 22 After we have assessed your application –Successful applicants must be in a position to begin the project within 6 months of accepting their offer –Unsuccessful applicants will be told why they were unsuccessful –Organisations can only hold one grant from this programme

23 Development and Support –Grant holders’ seminars –Post award development and support will be available –Focus on supporting learning, collaboration and sustainability –Support for new technologies for virtual networking Slide 23

24 Help and Assistance –Big Lottery Fund Enquiry Line –Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) –Community Evaluation Northern Ireland (CENI) Slide 24

25 Other Programmes –Reaching Out: Connecting Older People - Other programme in the Reaching Out suite –Awards For All –Healthy Minds –Energy Efficient Venues Slide 25

26 UK open programmes –Heroes Return (UK wide) –Community Wildlife (UK wide) Slide 26

27 NI Programmes coming up –Impact of Alcohol –Space and Place Slide 27

28 Slide 28 More information Big Lottery Fund 1 Cromac Quay Cromac Wood Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 2JD Email: Contact the Information Team Tel: 028 9055 1455 Fax: 028 9055 1445 Textphone: 028 9055 1431

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