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Click – CNN Student News – Diwali (starts at 6:15 for 3 min) LESSON #6a


3 HINDUISM Use text book p Hinduism is: It has no: Instead of just being a religion, Hinduism is: The chief religion in India Founder or formal Church A way of life music

4 HINDUISM - Brahman Use text book p. 178 Brahman is: How many gods to Hindus worship: What are the three main gods, and what is their “power”? Supreme Force (God) thousands Brahma Vishnu Shiva

5 Hindu “trilogy” of gods
BRAHMA (the creator) is the main god and all other gods are manifestations of him CREATOR PRESERVER DESTROYER (KHALI) Vishnu Brahma Shiva

6 HINDUISM - Atman Use text book p. 179 Atman is: What do Hindus believe about all things in nature: What causes people to feel pain? What is the term for the “true goal” of life? What happens when you reach Moksha? The “essential self,” part of Brahman that is YOU Your soul All things in nature are a part of Brahman They pursue material riches MOKSHA you free your soul from the body to reunite with Brahman

7 BRAHMA ATMA You’ve reached Moksha You do that by:
doing your Dharma thus, creating good kharma Which reunites your atma with brahma. (MOKSHA) The goal in Hinduism is to break the cycle of reincarnation BRAHMA You’ve reached Moksha ATMA

8 What is unique about Hinduism?
No holy book to tell right from wrong Vedas tell stories Multiple Gods Personal interpretation No proselytizing Daily Pooja click

9 Review of some key terms
Hinduism __________________: the largest religion in India ____________________: the belief in many gods. POLYTHEISM BRAHMA ATMA Universal Soul = YOUR soul =

10 Popular Hindu gods: GONESHA KRISHNA

11 Quiz Define Polytheism How did Hinduism develop?
Who is the “main” god and the creator? Who is Vishnu? Who is Shiva?

12 HINDUISM - Reincarnation
Use text book p. 178 Moksha is: Reincarnation is: What are some forms your soul can be reborn into in its next life? What is the “law of karma”? Releasing the soul from the body Rebirth of the soul in various forms A god A flower A snake A person Any animal Even an insect Different Hindus have different ideas about this… Every deed will effect your future, AND your present life is the result of past deeds

13 HINDUISM – karma and dharma
Use text book p. 178 What is the “law of karma”? What will every good deed yield? What will every bad deed yield? What is your dharma? All actions have consequences Will result in happiness Will bring some sort of sorrow Duties and obligations (it’s what‘s expected of you…)

If you could be reincarnated what would you want to return as? If you were to be reincarnated today, would you move “up” or “down”? What is YOUR duty in life right now? music

15 DHARMA What are examples of Dharma? 15


17 Karma What are examples of Karma? 17

18 You keep getting reincarnated…
How do you get OUT of being reincarnated again… And again… 18

19 The end to reincarnation
Moksha ____________ = release from the cycle of reincarnation How do you do it? Erase all bad Karma Spend your life doing your dharma Keep moving up in classes Then… OUT… called MOKSHA (REUNITING ATAM WITH BRAMA

20 Quiz What is reincarnation? Where do you go when you reach Moksha?
What does having bad karma prevent? What will happen to someone who dies with too much bad karma? What is a person’s dharma? What is Atma?

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