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Rabbits Written and Illustrated By: Monica Guerrero 2 nd Grade 2012.

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1 Rabbits Written and Illustrated By: Monica Guerrero 2 nd Grade 2012

2 Rabbits Written and Illustrated By: Monica Guerrero 2 nd Grade 2012 Thompson Publishing Company, Inc., Copyright 2012

3 For My Mom, Dad, and My Two Brothers: Israel & Alex

4 Table of Contents Rabbit Facts 2 – 4 Rabbit’s Habitat 5 Rabbit’s Diet 6 Rabbit’s Life Cycle 7 Rabbit’s Diagram 8 Glossary 9 References 10 Rabbit Photos 11 1

5 Rabbit Facts Rabbits are furry animals with long ears and short fluffy, tails. Rabbits do not walk or run as most other four-legged animals do. Rabbits move by hopping on it’s hind legs, which are longer and stronger than it’s front legs. Rabbits can run as fast as 18 mph. 2

6 Rabbit Facts (continued) Many children have pet rabbits. Pet stores sell tame rabbits that have been raised as pets. An adult, wild rabbit grows 8 to 14 inches long and weighs 2 to 5 pounds. A rabbit’s eyes are on the sides of it’s head. This helps the rabbit to see things behind or to the side better than the front. Rabbits can move it’s long ears to catch faint sounds from any direction. Rabbits have a pair of small teeth behind the upper front teeth. 3

7 Rabbit Facts (continued) There are two chief kinds of rabbits: cottontails and European rabbits. Men have hunted rabbits for meat and for skins. Rabbit skins are used for making fur coats. The long fur of angora rabbits is spun into soft, warm, yarn used for sweaters. 4

8 Rabbit’s Habitat Most rabbits make their homes in fields and prairies where they can hide their young under bushes or among tall grasses. 5

9 Rabbit’s Diet Most rabbits eat and play from dusk to dawn and spend the rest of the day sleeping and resting. Rabbits eat many kinds of plants including clover, grass, and weeds. In the winter, they eat twigs, bark and fruit of bushes and trees. 6

10 Rabbit’s Life Cycle A female rabbit usually has four or five young at a time, and may give birth several times every year. Rabbits in the southern United States, where the weather is warm most of the year, may have babies more than five times a year. In the northern part of the country, rabbits may give birth two to four times between April and September. 7

11 Rabbit Diagram 8

12 Glossary 9 angora – refers to the downy coat produced by the Angora Rabbit and is known for it’s softness cottontails – rabbits among the 16 lagomorph species in the genus Sylvilagus clover – grows freely shooting up after repeated mowings and grows at a great range of climates and nutritious for livestock dusk – twilight, sunset, sundown, nightfall dawn – daybreak, sunrise, daylight fluffy – soft and light as fluff, feathery, fuzzy, light and airy prairies – plain grassland

13 References 10 Websites http:/ facts.htm refeature Books 101 Facts About Rabbits, Julia Barnes Rabbits, JoAnn Early Macken

14 Rabbit Photos 11

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