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Capybaras in the Wild By Jaelyn. Table of Contents.

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1 Capybaras in the Wild By Jaelyn

2 Table of Contents

3 Habitat Central and South America River banks-fresh water rivers Tropical grass lands and rainforests-wet and muddy Venezuela to North Argentina Swampy, grassy regions

4 Food and Water Aquatic plants, grasses, fruit, grains, melon, squash Herbivore Eats own scat for nutrients Adults eat six to eight pounds of grasses of each day Chooses food carefully Grass that has not been touched

5 Daily Behavior Predators are jaguar, caiman, ocelot, harpy eagle, large snakes, and people Active at twilight, early in the morning, and at sunset Rests in the middle of the day Often in water Young follow their mothers Stays in group until ready to mate Nursery(all young stay together on watch by nursing mothers) When in danger hides in water keeping young in the center Spends most of the day welding in mud

6 Family Structure One male is the group male Less watery places, they join other small groups to make a herd Up to 100 capybaras in one herd 5 months until born Once born in one day the capybara is able to see and walk Baby stay with mom for 1 year Crèche = family of young In danger hides in water keeping young in middle Once reaches to maturity goes to another group

7 Interesting Facts Warning cough, purr, and bark sounds 4 to 5 babies at one time Webbed feet Scent gland on nose to make its territory Males know when a female is ready to mate by her smell Average 100 pounds each Average 2 feet tall 4 feet long Largest rodents Live 8 to 10 years Has very sparse fur Four toes on front legs, three on back legs Mate in water

8 Bibliography Manera, Alexandria. Capybaras. Chicago: steadwell books, 2003 Wild life and plants. Newyork: marshal cavendish,2007

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